Before the non-stop barrage of miserable news grinds you too far down, take a break and try to find some good things in the world. Here’s what I came across today, which I hope will help to brighten your day…

Chicago Cop rescues dog who fell into Lake Michigan:

A dog fell into Lake Michigan Tuesday morning and struggled to get back up onto land. Luckily, a Chicago police officer got there just in time.

That dog looks just like one of mine, I’m so glad he is ok! Look at him wagging his tail, good dog.

Good Samaritan runs into a burning house, rescues a woman and her dogs:

“Driving by and I seen some clouds and it was too big to be a bonfire,” Josh Leissa said.

Leissa decided he needed to act.

“I went into the front door and that part was blocked so I couldn’t go in there. So I had to go to the back and she was in the back room.” he said. ” (It was) a lot of smoke. Could barely see anything.”

Inside Leissa found a woman lying down, the only protection he could offer her was a yellow rain poncho.

“I grabbed her and her dogs and got her out of there,” Leissa said.

Bad guy attempts home invasion through a window, is thwarted by the ferocious attack of the family CAT:

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A family’s pet cat is being called a hero for doing something that caught even his owner off-guard.

“Binky” stopped a burglar climbing in a window at home.

That would-be burglar showed up at a house on Finley Avenue around midnight determined to get in. But the family cat had something else in mind.

“I was shocked the first time he started growling,” said Cynthia Kootz, Binky’s owner.

It turns out that Binky ended up saving the day when he heard a noise in the backyard near the garage around midnight. Cynthia immediately asked her boyfriend about the noise, but they eventually dismissed it.

“I went outside, didn’t see anything, so I shut the light off and shut the garage,” said Kootz.

A few minutes later, a man started banging on Cynthia’s front patio window. He tried to convince her to let him in and even offered to show her his identification.

“He was beating and kicking,” said Kootz, “trying to tell me there were men trying to shoot and kill him and you got to let me in.”

For her own safety, Cynthia refused and she says the man decided the window was his next move, which ended up costing him dearly.

“The next thing I knew, his hand went through that thing and then Binky went after him,” said Kootz.

Binky launched a second attack when he tried yet a second time to get in the same window. Binky has no claws, so he used his teeth on the intruder.

“Binky blew up like a balloon and got him again,” said Kootz.

As Binky attacked the burglary suspect, Kootz was on the phone calling 911. She was put on hold for a few moments, but eventually got to speak with a dispatcher who sent officers to the house. The officers arrived just as the burglar decided Binky was too much for him and ran from the window right into the police.  MORE

That is one bold kitty!

Have a nice weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.


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Showtime carried Oliver Stone’s interviews of Vladimir Putin this week. I watched parts of the Wednesday and Thursday sections. (I didn’t see the judo or hockey sessions.) Showtime subscribers can watch on line. No, I did not watch the Megyn Kelly interview.

The interviews aired on the same week of anti-corruption protest rallies staged in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities and towns.

Stone spoke English, Putin spoke Russian. An interpreter, who at times looked like a younger Costa Ronin of The Americans, translated for Stone, who seems to be fluent in Russian. Putin’s words were subtitled throughout even when he spoke English.

In case you wonder, Stone did not catch Putin breaking a little girl’s bicycle, unlike his friend Hugo Chávez,

On the one hand, Oliver is a big fan of Chávez, the Castros, and, of course, of Putin, and it shows: Rolling Stone reports that the series is set to air on Russia’s state-run Channel One in its entirety later this month,

In an appearance on The Late Show on Monday night, Stone sang the praises of Putin, to the point where a taken-aback Stephen Colbert asked, “Anything negative that you found? Anything? Or does he have your dog in a cage someplace?”

On the other hand, Putin never reveals anything accidentally or under pressure; never has, never will.

It was entirely predictable, so why did I watch?

For starters, I wanted to see what and how much was shown. There were three of Putin’s offices, a staged situation room (as in war command room with live calls from the military – think of it as Skype calls from the jet bombers), a patio with Pottery-Barn-style outdoor furniture, innumerable mile-long hallways, and a very large, traditional ballroom with elaborate carpet.

Through it all, Putin was completely in charge, poised, wearing a business suit and necktie, self-assured, and at-ease-while-fully-alert yet not quite relaxed. As Leonid Bershidsky puts it, in his interviews, “Putin has never once relaxed or relinquished control,” and he’s not about to start. This bears repeating because it is the underlying aspect of the persona I was watching on TV.

Bershidsky explains that Putin has one invariable message (emphasis added):

The message he has for foreign leaders hasn’t changed in 17 years: “Russia is a sovereign power with a set of historic interests that it will pursue no matter what; Western powers can’t tell Russia what to do.”

Putin makes it clear at every moment that he will do what is necessary to bring about what he sees as being in Russia’s best interest.

That, and that alone, is the most important takeaway from the interviews. Everything else is theater.

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes in U. S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog.

A week from today I will be boarding a plane in Kansas City getting ready to fly back home and likely not paying much attention to what is going on in DC so let me tell you what is going to be happening:

By Friday of next week the media will be back in all Trump is evil all the time mode.  There will be constant attacks, further leaks from the Independent Counsel’s office and his collection of as Randy Barnett called them “Democrat Attack Lawyers” and the focus of the left will be back on how horrible Trump is and why he must be removed from office.

By Friday of next week the Resistance,  Black Lives Matter, Antifa crowed will be back planning the next one of their marches and will once again correctly anticipate that the local police in a blue city and/or university take will take little or no notice of any violations of law by said marchers nor will the media take note of any signs or chants that are inducive of violence.

By Friday of next week it will be considered fine to try to squelch conservative speech and marches and when violent counterprotestors of the left assault both them and police the media will consider it a local story and not worth mentioning.

By Friday of next week Maxine Waters and company will once again be free to be screaming “impeachment”, Nancy Pelosi will feel free to smile as a Democrat Convention screams in unison “Fuck Trump”, Rep Rosa DeLauro will feel free to claim GOP stands for “get old people” and rep Val Demings will once again consider riots to silence conservatives “A beautiful sight”

By Friday of next week Universities will not only once again feel comfortable when folks like Murry, Coulter, Milo and others are greeted with violence, but they will use the shooting of a GOP leader in Washington as an excuse to bar them completely because they fear for the safety of their student body.

By Friday of  next week the sponsors of the Trump Assassination Chic in the park in NY will once again feel safe to sponsor it without shame, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert et/all will once again be happy to joke about how horrible and fascist conservatives are and Hollywood will once again be comfortable calling on people to “resist” rather than oppose, their political opponents by any and all means necessary.

By Friday of next week people who decided to either tone down or stay away from message boards, or twitter will return loudly proclaiming that death is too good for conservatives, christians and republicans and they will actually find themselves being ashamed that they didn’t have the courage of that tiny minority that cheered the shooting publicly.

Or to put it simply, by Friday of next week the left will once again be the left/media of Friday of last week and carry on with their prefered narrative, as they did after the pulse shooting and after Manchester, and after San Bernadino because too many people derive cash, power and prestige from the prefered narrative and or are afraid of those who derive said cash, power or prestige to challenge it.

Two caveats:

  1.  If Congressman Scalise dies, the timeline will be pushed back by a minimum of one additional week to a maximum of one additional month
  2.  If the political right does not allow the media’s false “healing” narrative to be played and makes the media and left pay the full political price for their six month of political incitement then there is a chance that the left will, like a child who touches a hot stove, decide that it’s not a smart thing to continue to do.  Once they pay that price and then ask forgiveness then it should be granted but not one moment before.

It would be very nice to be wrong about this, but I doubt it.