by baldilocks Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna: Early Wednesday morning a man with a high-powered rifle attacked Republican members of Congress at a baseball diamond in Alexandria, Virginia. The shooter, a man from Indiana named James T. Hodgkinson, was eventually shot dead by police officers, but not until he had wounded Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) … Continue reading Watchmen

再见 Farewell to China

My students in China made me smile today. One of them sent me a heartfelt message that I had made a difference in her life. It wasn’t the usual end-of-the-semester note from my American students, who often are looking for a slightly higher grade. The note read: “Thank you for your patience and kindness all … Continue reading 再见 Farewell to China

The Front and Back Cover of my new Book Via Imholt Press

I may be in Kansas City watching the RedSox duke it out with the Royals his week but the folks at Imholt Press remain hard at work with the following anouncement: The cover of an upcoming #book #release from @ImholtPress This one along with a great writer @DaTechGuyblog— ImholtPress (@ImholtPress) June 19, 2017 We … Continue reading The Front and Back Cover of my new Book Via Imholt Press