Whitney Houston’s Legacy

by baldilocks With it being Independence Day and all, on my Facebook page, I’ve mostly been posting videos of people singing pleasantly sonorous versions of the Star-Spangled Banner and other patriotic songs. On my page, there’s a mariachi band singing a fantastic version of the SSB, a Christian “boy-band” harmony foursome doing a medley of … Continue reading Whitney Houston’s Legacy

This Fourth’s for You!

If you are tired of and disgusted by the persistent attacks against the American way of life, an advertisement and an event in Chicago should make you feel better on this Fourth of July. Budweiser has released a new ad in which actor Adam Driver, a veteran himself, surprises a fellow veteran and his family … Continue reading This Fourth’s for You!

America the Beautiful the Verse that Matters

On the 4th of July I normally post the declaration of Independence but it hit me that given our divisions these days a better choice would be these lines from the 2nd verse of America the Beautiful which I think captures what we are and what we should be perfectly: America! America! God mend thine … Continue reading America the Beautiful the Verse that Matters