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I’m old enough to remember when, upon learning of the existence of Black Liberation Theology, Jeremiah Wright, his most famous acolyte—former President Barack Obama—and of many other blacks who carry no love for America or for white people, white persons on the Right who had actively participated in the Civil Rights Movement expressed regret for doing so. My response: really? Silly me. I thought that they did it for the honor of our country.

I swear, it was like all of them received a Dear John letter.

I am reminded of this phenomenon by the ADL’s response to Linda Sarsour – the latest progeny of Leftism and Islamism.

Sarsour’s ride on the media wonder-wheel continues—thanks in part to Jewish individuals and organizations who embrace the idea that haters like Sarsour can’t actually hate them. Recently, the “homegirl in a hijab,” as a fawning New York Times profile described her, delivered the commencement address at the City University of New York’s School of Public Health. It was a strange choice on the part of CUNY, not least because Sarsour has zero professional experience in the field. Prior to the event, critics, many of them Jewish, called upon CUNY to rescind its invitation in light of Sarsour’s rhetoric and associations. A group of progressive Jews released an open letter in defense of Sarsour. “In this time, when so many marginalized communities in our country are targeted on the streets and from the highest offices of government” the letter solemnly declared, “we are committed to bridging communal boundaries and standing in solidarity with one another.”

Also coming to Sarsour’s defense was the Anti-Defamation League, which presumably stands against the defamation of women, Jews, and the Jewish state. “Despite our deep opposition to Sarsour’s views on Israel,” its head Jonathan Greenblatt said, before offering the following non sequitur, “we believe that she has a First Amendment right to offer those views.”

So the ADL would give its scarier adversaries what the latter say they want so that those adversaries will become friend—so that these people will “love them.” Did these people not attend grammar school?

Everyone who did–whether the bully and the bullied–knows that you can’t make the bully loved you, you can only make it worth her while to leave you alone…by any means necessary.

They ought to read their grandparent’s letters and books. But I’m guessing that it has been a while for that.

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Poor Charlie Gard. First he is born with a nasty genetic defect, one so rare that only 16 people are known to have it. Then, when there is a chance to save him with an experimental surgery, the British Health Care System tries to override his parent’s decision and pull the plug on his life support. Luckily, he’s caught the attention of Pope Francis and President Trump, so perhaps he might still make it.

Health care remains divisive in America. Plenty of people want a single payer system, while others argue for privatization, and still others a mix or other variety. The media doesn’t help one bit, whether it says that uninsured people are robbing us blind, or that privatization would condemn poor people to death. That sort of over-the-top talk doesn’t contribute to the conversation.

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On Day 2 of Pintastic NE 2017 I talked to several people who had come a ways to be here such as Scott and his Son in law who came from PA

Like me their had wives who were hitting quilt shops while they played (although this year mine stayed home),

I also talked to Robert and his Daughter Briana.

I spoke to a Husband and wife in line for the Dinner Buffet for the Superpass

He is also a Catholic Deacon who blessed my new Rosary that I got at St. Anne’s Shrine which is a mile from here.

You can’t of course do Pintastic without interviewing Captain Pintastic of course

and I spoke to Ryan who bought a machine at the location and was automatically upgraded on his badge

but of course the stars of the show are the machines on freeplay like Starwars

I was right I haven’t been able to get near either of the two Starwars games here since they’ve been set up

Games like Ghostbusters which is a lot better than the movie

Which was the best thing that came out of the movie release.

Thanks to a ball stuck I got a shot of the Hobbit machine

and I had to play one-handed.

And for those of you into arcade games you weren’t left out

I did several interviews with some pinball greats like Jersey Jack Todd Tuckey and David Thiel but that’s worth their own post so I’ll put them up tomorrow night as a stand alone, if you can’t wait you can hit my youtube channel and watch em now

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