The Good News: DaTechGuy on DaRadio Your Prayer Intentions Premieres Saturday Noon WQPH

Yesterday we had the bad news, now the good news.

It’s finally official. After several false starts this Saturday Aug 5th my new religious themed show Your Prayer intentions premieres on WQPH 89.3 Shirley/Fitchburg.

It’s going to be a taped show so if you have prayer intentions that you wish to have prayed for you can either use the contact page here. or you can email me directly herehere

However we are going to celebrate the launch of the first local show on our EWTN station show with a special Mass at the old Madonna of the Holy Rosary Church on Theresa Street In Fitchburg at 10:30 on Saturday followed by a bit of Pizza to eat and the show itself.

Meanwhile the plans for our Buffet Books and Bather event with Robert Stacy McCain in Leominster are continuing and tickets are still available here at Eventbrite.

And my on hand supply of my book has dwindled so much that I’ve had to order another case to accommodate people who want it and with the Madonna of the Holy Rosary Event this weekend and Madonna Della Cava next week I wouldn’t be surprised if I need another case before Stacy McCain gets here.

Of course it will take me selling 200 cases to replace a years pay, but if your nowhere near me I’ll be happy to have you order a copy from amazon here.

If you want an autographed copy, from me the Cost is $10 That covers both the book and the $2.63 it costs me to mail it at the book rate.

There are all good signs and show promise but the thing that is really going to make a difference is if the Layoff Bleg ends successfully, you can go here to see how we’re doing or kick in below.

Of course if you want an autographed copy of my book you can have one with your subscription to the site and in addition to the book you will get my weekly podcast emailed to you before it appears either on the site or at the 405media which graciously carries it.

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Now if I could secure 100 new subscribers at $25 a month I can devote myself full time to the blog, the new radio show and a pair of book projects that I’d like to move forward on.

But all that’s up to you.