Sept 1st Paycheck Goal: $190 down $270 to go by Aug 20

UPDATE:  $190 of $460 raised

Today my wife returns to work for her first day on the job since her surgery. I’d like to thank all of you who have sent good wishes and prayers for this day.

While I did not manage to make the goal of the layoff bleg we were able to get enough money to cover three August paychecks so I could be of use during her recovery.

Nor have I been idle on other fronts I’ve had one speaking engagement, meetings on the upcoming Stacy McCain event, a radio appearance, and two special events where my book Hail Mary the perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer was offered for sale.

Meanwhile the situation at the blog has become interesting. During my work week the plan for the blog was three posts daily, one by me scheduled for the morning and two by members of Da Magnificent Seven with the occasional extra post by me thrown in during gaps (alternate Mondays) when nobody is scheduled to post.

I now not only have time to write about other things but I have all the video and audio from those events I mentioned above PLUS outstanding video from the Catholic Marketing Network to get up as well.

Put simply there is no reason why our three post a day model couldn’t become four with a 2nd daily post by me either of commentary or original reporting.  As I still have a lot of video and interviews to put up there is no reason why it couldn’t become five a day as well.

The fly in the ointment is as always cash.  I took the overnight job to make sure the mortgage was paid since the blog wasn’t covering the expenses of the house.  We’ve had a good pair of weeks here but the question on the floor is.  If I try to do this full time again will the extra post(s) and reporting allow this blog to…

1. Maintain the subscription levels where they were pre-layoff or better keeping my paid writers paid and the blog/hosting expenses covered for the long haul.

2. Draw enough tip jar hits to replace a slightly above minimum wage 40 hour workweek in Massachusetts to pay the mortgage and house expenses

So here is what we’re going to do.  My 40 hour week at my old job paid $460.  That will be my goal for DaTipjar on a weekly basis .  Furthermore said goal will be set for at least a two weeks ahead of the potential payday.  That way if it become apparent that we have no prayer of coming anywhere near said goal, I can attempt to find something ANYTHING to make up for the gap without forfeiting a paycheck that I can’t afford to lose.

The first goal is a Paycheck for  Sept 1st paycheck raised by Aug 20th.  We’ve already 10% toward that goal if we can make it, that will be the first step in you dear reader hiring me full time on a permanent basis working for you!

And if we can’t them I’ll know I have to go job hunting as soon as Stacy McCain heads back home.

You can get us there by hitting DaTipJar below:

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