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I heard anecdotes about a man with a pro-life sign being assailed during the recent Boston demonstration/counterdemonstration, and then found that an Esquire writer tweeted a short video of the incident.    (Language alert.)

The guy was carrying a poster with photos of preborn human beings on the upper half of the poster, visible in the video. (I should add that these were not bloody-baby pictures. If there were any photos of aborted remains on the lower part of the poster, I didn’t see them due to the camera angle.) He was pursued – or as the Esquire writer put it, “made to part ways with his sign” – by masked assailants, who tore the photos off the poster one by one. Among the screaming voices was a woman’s, saying something that sounded like “I chose to have my baby but I’m glad I had a choice!”

At least that particular woman had the integrity to speak her mind without hiding behind a mask and without vandalizing anything.

In Pete’s coverage of the recent Boston demonstration/counterdemonstration,   he noted that the unifying factor among the disparate “counter” groups was anti-Trump sentiment to a greater or lesser degree. I don’t dispute that. I think that sentiment was accompanied by more than a dash of abortion advocacy, of a kind that was around long before Trump and will sadly be around long after he moves on.

I have no idea who the man with the poster supported for President; perhaps like me he’s at risk of being hashtagged #NeverTrump. Those masked hooligans who vandalized his sign didn’t care. The evidently harbored antipathy to the right to life and to anyone promoting it. Trump didn’t even need to be a factor for them.

That was one incident, involving relatively few people, in a place where tens of thousands of people had congregated for various purposes. Maybe the masked vandals who tore up photos of the preborn humans weren’t representative of the larger crowd. Then again, maybe they were.

Mayor and President alike tweeted approval of the day’s peaceful demonstrators speaking out against hate. It was a day for broad strokes, not fine details, so maybe incidents like the one I’ve described escaped the politicians’ notice.

But is it something other than hate when masked people carrying sticks menace a man holding a poster? Is it peaceful to rip up a sign someone’s holding, as long as no one sustains physical injury?  I’m pretty sure that if I, as a pro-lifer, were to tear up a sign held by someone, I’d be charged with simple assault under the laws of my state. (Rightly so, I might add.) Maybe the Boston police had to pick their battles, so to speak, and sign-ripping wasn’t a law enforcement priority the day of a mass rally. Understandable, from a tactical point of view. But I believe the Boston sign vandals got a pass that wouldn’t have been afforded to anyone tearing up a pro-abortion sign.

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Ellen Kolb is a writer and pro-life activist living in New Hampshire. Read more of her work at EllenKolb.com/blog.

People of a certain age will remember one advertising jingle, “Everything’s better with Blue Bonnet on it:”

Back then we were being sold an inferior product that had the shape and color of the real thing, but certainly fell short of the real thing.

I remember that we did a blind taste test in grade school, and our young taste buds, even then, for the most part could tell the difference between real butter margarine. Only one or two, out of fifteen kids, could not tell the difference.

Now we have communist apologists selling us again on the wonders of communism, named at times 21st Century Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and on and on.

The current wave started with the glamorization of Cuba’s misery: The Kardashians went to Cuba, Fast and Furious did an episode of the franchise and Chanel did a fashion show in Havana, which definitely was not the Wendy’s Soviet fashion show,

When tourists kept getting sick and the hotels didn’t get the promised amenities, travelers lost interest. Most people didn’t even need to learn about ongoing assaults on the Ladies In White or bizarre acoustic attacks on American and Canadian diplomats. They just stayed away.

But the cause lives on, and, if the believers don’t succeed, they try, try again.

Sex sells, so the NY Times found someone who extolls Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.


I know a couple of people who actually lived in Eastern Block countries, and the last thing they had was “better sex.” They were too exhausted.

Snoopy of the Watchers’ Council actually lived there,

As any Soviet citizen with brain a bit larger than that of hamster will tell you: find a person who waxes lyrically about his/her life (sex life included) under the Soviet regime, and I’ll show you a person of privilege, not a regular Joe the Public.

And of course I just have to bring up this exquisite passage from the article:

Consider Ana Durcheva from Bulgaria, who was 65 when I first met her in 2011. Having lived her first 43 years under Communism, she often complained that the new free market hindered Bulgarians’ ability to develop healthy amorous relationships.

The hilarious quote caused me a few laughs. I am not disclosing my age, but I still could compare my amorous relationships before and after my 43. There simply ain’t any comparison, you are totally right, Ana, but I am sure it is not because of the social changes Bulgaria underwent. The weather was better back then too…

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, so the young and “woke” look to Venezuela for equality . . . while enjoying the East Village. Food lines, they believe, are good because “everyone has to do the same thing — they wait in line equally.”

The privileged few in communist societies would have a good laugh.

And no, you can’t get butter or Blue Bonnet in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the East Village people ought to try doing without toilet paper for one day, and ponder what it’s like to do that “equally” every day of the year.

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E. K. Hornbeck: Tell me, uh, what do you think of all these monkeyshines
Hot Dog Vendor: Got no opinion, sir. Opinions are bad for business.

Inherit the Wind 1960

Apparently the CEO of Camping World has decided that instead of concentrating on providing his customer base with camping products and fine customer service to grow a business, which is what a CEO is hired to do, he has decided that the portion of his customer base who voted for Donald Trump are not longer welcome at their locations all over the United States.

Now this is free country and Camping World’s shareholders are welcome to decide that their CEO’s attempt to cut their customer base in half is a wise decision,  but if you are a Donald Trump supporter who resents the idea of an American Company deciding that supporting the current president is beyond the pale and would like to illustrate this folly to said corporation instead of waiting for the next shareholder meeting there is a simple three step process to make the point dramatically:

1. Step one, use this map and locate your nearest Camping World Location

2.  Browse through the store filling your cart with product that you might normally consider buying.

3. Go to the manager/customer service area with your cart and politely inform them that unfortunately you voted for Donald Trump and consequently per the request of your CEO we’re going to have to leave at once, making sure to tell said employees that you understand that this wasn’t their decision, but you can’t do business somewhere that you are not wanted.

One should be aware that such actions might cause the management, if local or state law allows, to ban you from the store in the future and be prepared to accept that decision, knowing that there are plenty of other shopping alternatives out there.

I submit and suggest it won’t take too many full carts that associates need to put away or RV orders cancelled to have your point emphatically made to the home office.

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