The #maga #campingworld Protest explained in three easy steps

E. K. Hornbeck: Tell me, uh, what do you think of all these monkeyshines
Hot Dog Vendor: Got no opinion, sir. Opinions are bad for business.

Inherit the Wind 1960

Apparently the CEO of Camping World has decided that instead of concentrating on providing his customer base with camping products and fine customer service to grow a business, which is what a CEO is hired to do, he has decided that the portion of his customer base who voted for Donald Trump are not longer welcome at their locations all over the United States.

Now this is free country and Camping World’s shareholders are welcome to decide that their CEO’s attempt to cut their customer base in half is a wise decision,  but if you are a Donald Trump supporter who resents the idea of an American Company deciding that supporting the current president is beyond the pale and would like to illustrate this folly to said corporation instead of waiting for the next shareholder meeting there is a simple three step process to make the point dramatically:

1. Step one, use this map and locate your nearest Camping World Location

2.  Browse through the store filling your cart with product that you might normally consider buying.

3. Go to the manager/customer service area with your cart and politely inform them that unfortunately you voted for Donald Trump and consequently per the request of your CEO we’re going to have to leave at once, making sure to tell said employees that you understand that this wasn’t their decision, but you can’t do business somewhere that you are not wanted.

One should be aware that such actions might cause the management, if local or state law allows, to ban you from the store in the future and be prepared to accept that decision, knowing that there are plenty of other shopping alternatives out there.

I submit and suggest it won’t take too many full carts that associates need to put away or RV orders cancelled to have your point emphatically made to the home office.

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