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A Democratic Councilman in New Milford, Connecticut has been forced to resign after it became public knowledge that he is a “furry” fetishist who lists rape among the things he “tolerates” on an adult site for people who are into dressing up like cartoonish stuffed animals – often for sexual gratification.

Via NewsTimes:

NEW MILFORD — Town Council member Scott Chamberlain had never made a secret of his deep involvement in Furry Fandom, a subculture of adults who dress in mascot-like animal costumes, attend role-playing conventions and interact regularly online.

But an uproar ensued when a town resident posted on a community Facebook page several screenshots of Chamberlain’s profile from a private website catering to “furries,” many of whom participate in or write about unusual sexual practices. The profile includes a list of Chamberlain’s “loves,” “likes” and “hates,” some sexual in nature, but also said that he “tolerates” rape.

In an interview at midday Thursday, Chamberlain explained his involvement in the “furry” community as a harmless hobby.

“It’s nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals,” said the first-term Democrat, who was up for re-election.

Riiight, he likes cartoons, that’s it and that’s all, except for the porn stories he wrote and published involving sexual adventures among people dressed as furries.

Chamberlain also writes what he calls a “soap opera” read by hundreds of users that includes furries in some sexual situations.

This is apparently what it takes to make people protest against a Democrat these days.

On Thursday night, as town Democrats held a previously scheduled opening ceremony of party headquarters on Bank Street, a small group of protesters gathered outside.

Among them was Rick Agee, the resident who had made the original Facebook post. He carried a sign saying, “No perverts running our town!”

”I have kids and grandkids in this town, and I don’t want him representing us,” Agee said.

And he’s gone:

Meanwhile, party officials removed a green sign saying, “Scott Chamberlain — New Milford Town Council” from the headquarters’ front window and peeled a Chamberlain bumper sticker from the glass door. Gronbach’s wife, Vanessa, ordered that a stack of Chamberlain bumper stickers be taken off the front table.

Democrat Scott Chamberlain is apparently pictured below, on the left (natch):

Whenever a Republican, at any level of government, is discovered to be an adulterer or some sort of other deviant, ALL Republicans are grilled about it and asked if they denounce said creep  – repeatedly – , so when do you think that Democrats on the national scene will be asked how they feel about the disgraced weirdo in Connecticut? My guess is it will happen at about half-past never.

H/T: NY Post



MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at MareZilla.com. She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals. 

We live lives of privilege.

We can spend hours debating politics, deciding what to wear to work, which running shoes to buy, which cut of beef to grill with shrimp and veggies for dinner, and where to spend our vacations.

We also spend substantial amounts of money, time and effort on our homes. In addition to my blog and reading addictions, my greatest and probably most expensive addiction is my house, HGTV included. I have purchased, improved, lived in, and sold three houses.

I bought my fourth house, moved in last month, and have spent a great deal of time unpacking and deciding what to keep and what to toss. Yes, I should have done that when I first left NJ for FL, but was renting an old townhouse with a popcorn ceilings and knew I was going to buy a different house later on, so here I am, sorting and unpacking. I’ve even been trying to decide whether or not to add curtains (I’m not a curtains person).

These past days my obsession has been Hurricane Irma, as you already know. From the looks of the latest forecast models, my area of central Florida will get hit with 100 mph winds (category 2) at 2am Monday, which I’m dreading. My rational brain knows I live in a well-constructed concrete house with underground utilities away from the waters in an area where people from Miami have come for shelter. My irrational brain worries.

I spent a scary Hurricane Sandy in my house in NJ reading the Psalms out loud so I wouldn’t have to listen to the wind. My house was untouched by the storm. All I needed to do was to schedule having a few tree limbs removed from the yard and stay in a hotel until the electricity was back. Sandy’s eye was almost eighty miles away; Irma apparently will be ripping right through Florida.

I am, of course, worried about possible damage to my new house, but I’m also worried about relatives who decided to stay in Miami. They are hardy folk who have lived in Miami for decades and are definitely less worried than I, a newcomer. In contrast, a friend who also has lived in Miami for decades is not taking any chances, shuttering down her house and sheltering at the hospital where her husband works.

Having Jim Cantore in Miami does not ease my worries at all.

I’ve been reading hundreds of Facebook posts on Irma. The more annoying are those urging all people in Florida (population 20 million) to “get the [insert expletive] out.” The more encouraging are photo journals of friends living in Puerto Rico who now have no electricity and water but whose homes and cars are intact and were not flooded.

Yes, life is tough. Yes, there are bigger things and existential questions we should be concerned about. Yes, we are blessed every day, for which I am abundantly grateful.

But yes, I’m superficial enough I’d rather be thinking about curtains instead.

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on U. S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog

Stacy McCain DTG at Work

Fitchburg ma Sept 7th 12:49 PM

Yesterday was a wirlwind of delays, downpours and driving as our detour to the nearest McDonalds Ray Kroc Memorial Media Filing Center in Revere meant that we were in the middle of Rush Hour Traffic on Routes 1, 60 and 2 all the way back to Fitcburg during which I finished my Rosary and Stacy when not talking about various stories and giving me some history on radical feminism that will be a component of his talk tomorrow morning in Lexington with the Friday morning group and his speech on Saturday. Today has been the same while we managed a bit of breakfast taking the time to get a glimpe of excellent writing while dealing with several reverses.

One had to do with the New England Patriots Thanks to the Thrusday game WPKZ is giving Stacy a miss devoting Friday morning to the aftermath of the Patriots/Tom Brady quest for ring number six.

Beer and Pizza the meal of bloggers

The other two had to do with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Irma has knocked the primary member of Granite Grok out of Saturday’s event as he’s been called in to cover for people displaced by Irma while the Mayor of Leominster bumped Stacy from his live tv show tonight for something of Hurricane Harvey.

Yet even with these reverses there are still stories to find. With this evening now free we are off to Harvard College where members of the college republicans will be showing Stacy around, while last night our delay gave us a glimpse of a feel good story that provided quite a contrast to a piece Stacy had written at the American Spectator.

Our late arrival in Fitchburg meant I was in time to pick up my son from work rather than him walking in the rain, as it was Wednesday we suggested pizza and as Stacy prefers a beer we headed down to Espresso Pizza on main street.

Espresso has been a Fitchburg fixture for over fifty years. Neither fire, nor the city’s decline nor family problems nor the death of the founder has kept Espresso and it’s famous recipe from feeding generations of Fitchburg and now Leominster residents and as usual the place was full of workers making pizzas, spinning dough and cooking grinders.

But what was most noticeable to us were three young kids who were manning the phones. People who came in seemed rather taken by them and had wide smiles as they did their job. In a rare lull, Juan the manager and father of the boys took time to talk about them:

In an age when so many kids are couch potatoes and video game addicts the idea of kids doing useful work give people like Stacy McCain & I hope for the future.

Of course for us as a pair of Christian Conservatives what gives us hope is different than what gives hope to someone like radical feminist and marxist Katha Pollitt who Stacy wrote in the American Spectator column gushed over what she saw at a NYU :

In a column in Sunday’s New York Times, Pollitt claimed to have at last found the vanguard of the forthcoming revolution in a sociology seminar at New York University. When she asked how many of those at the NYU seminar were feminists, Pollitt was pleased to report, “All the students raised their hands — including the two men.”

Katha Pollitt apparently did not wonder why there were only two male students in that class. Nor did Pollitt bother to remark that NYU is a very elite school where the cost of attendance is more than $60,000 a year ($49,062 annual tuition plus $17,578 room and board). Basing one’s political forecasts on the opinions of rich girls in a sociology seminar might be unwise, but Pollitt’s enthusiasm could not be restrained. One of the NYU girls told Pollitt that feminism is “cool” because of “the movement against sexual assault on campus… and the influence of pop culture idols like Beyoncé and Emma Watson.”

Of course her optimism about feminism future keep running into that brick wall of reality outside of liberal enclaves like NYC

Exactly how is this “grass-roots movement” among elite university students supposed to help Democrats regain the political power they have lost? Does anyone beyond the NYU campus imagine that sociology majors are going to give Democrats a decisive advantage in next year’s mid-term elections? Will issues like “racial justice” and “prisoners’ rights” turn the tide against Trump? If Pollitt’s fantasies of a feminist-led revival for Democrats are their best hope, they’ve got no hope at all. Having lost touch with voters in Middle America, Democrats now seem to be losing touch with reality.

While as a rule predicting the future is notoriously difficult I have every confidence in my claim that when the time comes when these boys become men and Ms Pollitt or her disciples try to sell feminism liberalism and radical justice to these boys they will be disappointed.

Having watched their father work hard to make a living and having worked beside him taking orders as pizza after pizza is served will give the a grounding in reality that will inoculate them to the appeals to “race” and “social justice” from people who might consider the spinning of dough and the spreading of flour on a tab.

If you want to bet on a future American success I’d bet on Juan’s sons over Ms. Pollitt’s disciples every day of the week and twice on sunday.