I think that a photo of a sinkhole captures the mood of this topic.

by baldilocks

… than Harvey Weinstein? Yes, it’s possible.

The flurry of sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein confirms an unsettling truth that deep down we already knew. There’s a reason “casting couch” has become a grotesquely ubiquitous term. We have long quietly assumed that big-time movie producers exploit their power to sexually exploit women. We should have heeded the warning signs. The smoke has been there for a long time. Of course the faint plumes were evidence of a fire raging, a fire we both did not imagine and yet knew was burning.

An overload of metaphors, but you get the idea. Heck, I knew about this a long time ago. But, the abyss is much deeper and darker.

In 2011, former child star Corey Feldman warned that pedophilia in Hollywood was “the big secret” and “the number one problem.” Feldman alleged that he was abused and that his friend was raped on a movie set at the age of 11. But he didn’t just talk about instances of abuse. In a later interview, he described a system whereby young children were groomed by powerful older men who formed an organized network, with “publicists” providing cover. He would “love to name names,” but feared the legal risks, he said.

Precisely such an organized system for grooming and abusing children is described by a documentary; one molester described in the film pleaded no contest to two counts of child molestation, but the rest of the network has never been named, let alone investigated or charged. The title of the documentary? An Open Secret.

I’m about half-way through the documentary right now – recommended to me on the advice of a friend.

Most of us know that there are unspeakably hideous things going on in this world, but because the perpetrators of these things hide themselves so well, it’s easy to ignore the dirt, even if the slime is part of the financial foundation of a city.

But no one is surprised. We saw how often child stars became screwed-up adults and wondered who screwed them (up).  The words of Corey Haim and of Elijah Wood were just confirmation.

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein has completed his “sex addiction” therapy. I don’t even want to know what that entails, but I’d say that he addressed the wrong addiction.

He’s addicted to power and pride and if pride and power could be snorted or shot up, he would have been doing that and so would all the others.

Too bad they can’t. A lot more people would be able to sleep at night.

(Thanks to Dave Perkins)

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Imagine walking to work in the morning. Someone walks up to you with their hand in their pocket and says “I have a gun, give me your money.” You could debate whether the gun is real or not, but most likely you’d hand over your wallet, not willing to risk getting shot.

Now let’s say this starts to happen every day. Especially if you’re used to normally walking to work and not getting mugged, this would likely cause you to change your behavior. Either you’d start bringing a friend to ward off the attacker, putting a small amount of cash in your pocket as “mugger’s money” (so that the thief doesn’t get the whole wallet), or arming yourself and shooting back, you would change your behavior in some way.

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One of the most interesting quotes from the Project Veritas’ sting at the NY Times was the “Trump Bump” meaning that since the president has been hitting the Times online subscriptions are way up.  That’s how good Donald Trump has been for the economy, he’s even managed to make the NYT profitable.

This also explains why the CNN/MSM etc has gone all in on hitting Trump.  In an age when media companies are shedding viewers hitting Trump guarantees them a particular growing niche market that being balanced just doesn’t do.

I’m a capitalist, if the NYT / CBS / CNN et/all want to make their business model hitting Trump 24/7 and it makes them a profit I’m fine with it.  After all we have our biases here and they color our story selection too.  What I don’t like is them doing so and pretending they are “down the middle”.  It insults my intelligence.

Megyn Kelly’s recent failures on the Today show highlight that NBC didn’t recognize the “Trump Bump” syndrome at the time they signed her.  They didn’t understand that her popularity on the left was completely based on hitting Trump, while the popularity on the right was completely based on her tough interviews.  Putting her in a position where she is doing neither was a recipe for failure.  Well at least for them, Kelly is making a fortune so she’s doing OK.

Since the Day Doctor Who decided to go SJW many months ago I have not watched a single episode nor listened to a Big Finish audio or followed Doctor Who news.  Given that a day did not go by without me doing such a thing for decades that’s an incredible change, but the real surprise is how easy it’s been to fill the time.  There is a lesson there for the NFL that I suspect they are going to learn very quickly after their latest meeting.

I actually heard some Doctor Who news lately from my son.  It seems the new season with the new SJW Doctor is not going to premiere until the fall.  That’s not a surprise.  After all it must be very complicated to make sure that the new SJW Doctor doesn’t cross any SJW lines, after all she can’t be scared like the 2nd Doctor because that would be offensive showing the 1st woman doctor as afraid, or too foolish like the 11th Doctor because the 1st Woman Doctor can’t seem crazy or even Manic like the 4th Doctor and she certainly can’t be angry like the 9th doctor or pushy like the 6th or too sexy or forward like the 10th.  God help the showrunner if the new SJW Doctor violates any negative stereotype of women in the least because if she does the same SJW’s who cheered the 1st woman Doctor will come down hard.  That’s actually kind of unfair to the new Doctor Jodie Whitaker but when you play the SJW game that’s just how it is.

The Horrible injury to Gordon Haywood that ended his season is an important reminder of a basic fact.  Every single professional player is only one injury from being done, the SJW of the NFL whose avg career is the lowest in sports might want to keep that in mind.

Speaking of the NFL’s trouble, it’s a real opportunity for MLB.  No matter who wins game 7 tonight we are looking at an awesome World Series.  If there was ever a chance for the Major Leagues to get back on top, this is it.

No matter who wins in the AL I’ll be cheering for Dave Roberts Dodgers as I suspect every Red Sox Fan to remember our years in the wilderness that was ended thanks to his stolen base.

Finally I was disappointed that GWB, who was a much better president than he got credit, for decided to hit Trump when he was silent for 8 years as Obama messed up the country in ways it will take generations to repair.  However unlike a lot of others I’ll give him a pass for one reason.  President Trump made a fool out of his Brother and his family and for even the most decent God fearing man, that’s something you don’t easily forget.