Locality trumps online

Today was Scouting for Food, where the local scouts pass out plastic bags to be gathered the next week, hopefully filled with food donations to help feed the hungry. Instead of spending my morning catching up on the latest news on my phone, I spent most of the morning putting miles on the pavement with another dad and our two Scouts, putting bags on over 100 homes.

That time was fun. The 4G connection in our neighborhood is poor, so while I took some photos of the Scouts putting up bags, I spent the rest of the time engaged in conversation, some of which was quite comical:

  • Scout: So why do Muck Monsters have muck?
  • Me: Well, I guess without muck, they’d just be monsters.
  • Scout: Huh…I never thought of that.

Me neither kid.

This morning also reminded me that locality feels so much better than online. While I enjoy engaging online with friends, I also see how the online environment sucks you in and leaves you feeling empty. I’d be fighting with people I’ve never met on Facebook or on my blog, only to realize later that most of them had no clue about the issue and in many cases, were simply happy to have an argument for the argument’s sake. In real life, you could easily switch subjects, but online, the whole process just leaves you feeling empty. Sadly though, I would keep doing that, because it’s so easy to sit on the couch and scroll Facebook on the smart phone…and for many (including me), it’s too easy.

So I’m letting locality trump online engagement for a while. I stopped blogging on my blog (although I’m continuing here because it’s fun), cut down on the Facebook, minimizing the arguments with idiots, and instead focused on the people here I can see and speak to. If nothing else, it got me to hike another 2 miles today instead of sitting on the couch, and that’s not too bad.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any federal agency. I mean, duh, I didn’t even mention anything federal until this disclaimer.

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