by baldilocks

Nature abhors a vacuum.


Evil, runnin’ through our brain,
we and evil’s about the same.
Bad blood through our body flows,
where’s the love nobody knows.

Evil –Earth, Wind and Fire

Mark Steyn’s offerings are always worth your while, but this one is outstanding.

In between [the Las Vegas, NV and Sutherland Springs, TX massacres], some guy went Allahu Akbar on a Manhattan bike path and killed eight people. Within five days, the usual psycho misfit loner from the

teeming swamps of loserdom managed to make a proud Uzbek Soldier of Allah look like a know-nothing piker who can’t even rack up a third of the corpse count of some schlub with an unknown grievance against a town of 400 people. Some global caliphate you got there, Sayfullo.

A republic requires virtue, and the decline of virtue is accompanied necessarily by the decline of the concept of evil, and its substitution by exculpatory analysis of the “motives” of evil. A more useful conversation would be on what it takes to remove the most basic societal inhibition – including the instinctive revulsion that would prevent most of us from taking the lives of strangers, including in this case eighteen-month-old babies. That inhibition is weaker in the dar al-Islam, because of Islam’s institutional contempt for “the other” (unbelievers) but also because of the rewards promised in the afterlife. Thus, violence is sanctioned by paradise. That is the precise inversion of our society, and yet the weakening of inhibition seems to be proceeding here, too. A church sealed off by yellow police tape: a shameful and astonishing sight, and yet one senses that it will neither shame nor astonish us for long, that something else will come along to make the records books and distract a couple of news cycles. (…)

Texas officials now believe they have their “motive” – in their words, “a domestic situation going on in this

family”; in my words, “the black void at the heart of the act”.

As I implied here, I think that there is no motive for this kind of thing that normal people would understand. However, as I think more about this, there is no void in the souls of people who do this. Oh, very likely, there once was. But something filled up the empty space of those souls and whispered into their ears: “Do this thing. You’ll feel better and all your troubles will be over.”

That’s what I think.

More in a bit at my place. I will post an update here.

UPDATE: Sort of related. Why Non-Christians Don’t Understand Christian Prayer.

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Despite the attack in New York City an important new analysis demonstrates that the terrorists’ effectiveness has been seriously affected in the past year and is likely to continue to fade as a significant threat.

That doesn’t mean that the world can be less vigilant, but it does mean that once again the media can create a meme to downplay a major U.S. victory.

The well-regarded Terrorism Analysis & Research Consortium, better known as TRAC, released an analysis of IS attacks, which shows that the organization has been far less effective in recent months.

TRAC reported: “IS’s highlighting of terror attacks against civilians in Western Europe–and the mainstream media’s obsession with those attacks–serves to obscure important aspects of Islamic State strategy. While more than 200 claimed attacks in just over 100 days appears impressive to IS supporters and terrifying to the world at large, a closer look at the claims in their entirety reveals as much about Islamic State’s limitations as its aspirations.” For more information, see

Here are some of the important findings:

• The projection of increasing global reach is inaccurate. Just three countries accounted for 175 of 222 attacks (nearly 80 percent) during last summer: Philippines (99 claims), Afghanistan (43 claims), and Egypt (33 claims). TRAC contends that these places, which receive scant Western attention, represent the narrative of IS future territory.

• To narrow the gap even further, of the three countries that hold 80 percent of the claims, just three areas in those countries accounted for 115 of 222 attacks in the summer (more than 50 percent): Marawi city in Philippines’ Autonomous Region of Muslim Majority or ARMM (67), Nangarhar province in Afghanistan (26), and Egypt’s Upper Sinai (22).

• During the summer, IS could not claim repeat attacks in 10 countries that had been attacked in 2015 and 2016. Bangladesh went from six claims in 2016 to zero in 2017. Saudi Arabia had three in 2015 and no subsequent summer repeats. Germany had just two total claims, coming in summer 2016. The inability to repeat attacks in the same location summer after summer highlights the Islamic State’s lack of sustainability.

• For last summer, the United Kingdom topped the newcomer’s list with three high-profile attacks. These three attacks received massive international attention, especially in the Western media.

• Out of the 32 total countries attacked during the past three years, only four countries—France, Libya, Yemen, and Egypt—were attacked three summers in a row. Even with the recent spate of claims in the U.K., France has been, by far the country hardest hit by IS in Europe.

Simply put, IS has been unable to launch attacks outside the Middle East and the Philippines except in rare instances in Britain and France. The Philippines government recently cleared out an IS stronghold there.

The disruption of the IS financial and geographical power in the Middle East has had a profound effect. Moreover, the destruction of the command-and-control and propaganda centers of IS in Syria and Iraq will make it more difficult to entice followers to launch attacks outside of the Middle East.

Al-Qaeda saw its influence drop dramatically after the United States closed its operational headquarters in Afghanistan. That is what is likely to happen with IS.

Again, that doesn’t mean the West can ignore the Islamist threat, particularly after the recent attack in New York City. It does mean that a continuous and concerted offensive against extremists does work.

For a very long time there have been various conspiracy theories concerning Bill and Hillary Clinton and people turning up dead. If you go to snoops and urban legands you will find pages debunking these kinds of things.

And then just last year the murder of Seth Rich brought a whole news set of people suggesting his murder had something to do with the Wikileaks stuff and Clinton DNC activities.

Both the media and Democrats have for decades discounted these kind of things as figments of the fever swamps of the right’s imagination and as for myself frankly I haven’t paid them much attention… until I saw this from Matt Drudge concerning Donna Brazile’s book:

Now I haven’t seen the book so I don’t know if the quote is accurate but I presume enough preview copies are out there that someone on the left would have been absolutely delighted to call out Drudge for being wrong.

So if he was wrong so if we presume that said quote is accurate this leads to a really interesting question:

If all of the various stories concerning the Clinton and people being killed including the Seth Rich story are just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theories of a bunch of basement dwelling folks without a life or a clue why would Donna Brazile be “haunted by the murder of DNC Seth Rich, and feared for her life”?

And remember as you ponder a rational answer to this question. Donna Brazile has been in the Clinton Circle for DECADES. She is intimately familiar with Bill, with Hillary and with the people in the Democrat party.