Layoff Update: What a Difference 48 hours makes

Wednesday Morning I woke up to a phone call saying I was laid off and the situation for the month and the bills were completely in doubt

It is 2 AM on Friday, I really should be in bed because I have to go to the 8 am mass and then take DaWife for a scheduled MRI but I’m not in bed because I’ve been too busy opening emails, sending thank you notes and updating my goal totals.

I’m stopping at this point partly because I have to sleep but mostly because even though there are over 40 emails from tip jar hits and new subscriptions we’ve made the base cash goal with some to spare to pay the paypal fees that will come.

My thanks to Ed and Glenn for the link and to all of you who have kicked in.   I’ll be thanking you all personally by email when I get back home from Worcester and get through the rest of the emails.

It’s unlikely that we have the 91 more subscription necessary for me to not have to worry about a job and do this full time but I know that at least though January I don’t have to worry if the bills are paid.

That’s a really big Christmas gift.

If you’re interested in padding that number to February you can do so by hitting DaTipJar

As for the book Hail Mary the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer

You guys have me selling better than the Pope as of yesterday at least on kindle

12,000 paperback copies sold at $6.99 can make me a full time author, reporter and writer next year   And of course it would make an excellent Gift for the person of faith on your Christmas list.

And if we get enough new subscribers (90 more at $20) then I’ll never have to shake DaTipJar for anything other than a special project like CPAC

Choose a Subscription level

Either way to all who kicked in thanks once again, you’ll be getting a blast email with the final numbers as soon as I have them and if you haven’t gotten your personal thank you it’s because I haven’t opened your email yet but I’ll get back to that mail tomorrow as soon as DaWife and I are home.