Women’s Issues

Ladies first! Let's kick things off with The First Lady, in a FLOTUS Toy's for Tots compare and contrast courtesy of MOTUS, HERE. Below is just one shot from the MOTUS montage, please visit the link for the rest! White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets no love from the left, but plenty of … Continue reading Women’s Issues

Cuba: Before you Airbnb

If you decide to join the jerks who visit cool countries and travel to the island-prison, there are a couple of things you may want to keep in mind. First, there are the weird symptoms: On Sept. 29, the State Department recalled 21 employees of the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba. The group (along with … Continue reading Cuba: Before you Airbnb

Why is CNN Pulling an Anthony Weiner on Anderson Cooper?

2.  Don't be afraid to admit a screw up 7.  Be open about your biases Journalism 101 via DaTechGuy Feb 13th 2017 As I read CNN rushing to spin away the Tweet from Anderson Cooper's twitter account concerning the president I can't but help but remember another day when a major figure of the left … Continue reading Why is CNN Pulling an Anthony Weiner on Anderson Cooper?