by baldilocks

In the Internet age, it’s hard to fake a military background, but this guy got away with it for quite some time.

Brooklyn Army vet Papotia Reginald Wright’s resume was impressive by any standard.

He boasted of a Purple Heart, Bronze Star — and a slew of other medals as an elite Green Beret that got him into swanky galas and even field access to the Giants.

But Wright is nothing but an accomplished fraud, it was revealed Thursday. (…)

Wright even lied about how long he was in the Army, claiming he served 25 years when he was really only enlisted from 1982 to 1990, the documents show.

He spent most of his time as a driver, with stints far from any battlefield in Alaska, Egypt, Georgia and Texas, according to his papers.

While living his lie, Wright became a prominent figure in the local military community. He even started an organization to help vets in Brooklyn last year, calling it the 8th Special Forces Regiment New York Honor Guard.

It’s usually pretty easy to spot these people because they go overboard with the decorations and the occupational badges.

I’m certainly no expert on Army chest salad, but I think that one would have to be a lot older than Wright in order to gain all that. And, with a given name like Papotia, you’d think that he would have been smoked out earlier than he was.

Oh and there’s a law against certain types of faking the military funk for gain.

My favorite military poseur exposer, Jonn Lilyea, had the scoop on some of Wright’s actual military documents last month.

I don’t get people like this. I’ve mentioned my military service here and at my own blogs. There are things I wish were different about out it — like the rank at which I retired — but it never occurred to me to lie about it, and not just because of the existence of FOIA and the Internet.

There’s something I found out long before the Internet and even before I became a Christian: lies catch up with you and explode in your face. And, the bigger the lie, the bigger the explosion will be.

I hope this guy has made enough money, because it will be hard for him to get a real job again. Maybe he should apply for a job at CNN.

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