Happy almost New Year, everyone! I am back. The surgeries went well and I am sore, but recovering. Some friends asked me if I got sent home with good meds, and of course, due to the War On Pain Patients, the answer is “no”, but the pain is less bad than I had expected it to be so other than the fact that I am under doctor’s orders not to do much of anything for the next few weeks, tiring easily, and having itchy (from the healing I am told) booboos on my belly and the aforementioned soreness, I am OK and am getting a little better every day. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me or held me in kind thoughts.

This is my first attempt at sitting in a chair at a desk to use the computer, and it is uncomfortable but tolerable for the moment. I’m thinking a Last Friday of 2017 MAGA linkaround sounds like a good plan right now, so here we go!

MAGA for MOTUS today means Make Art Great Again

2018 shall bring us mega MAGA  –  Report: Expect ‘Full Trump’ Unchained, in 2018  h/t iOTWReport

Living Rent Free, even! Trump Ends 2017 Residing In His Enemies’ Heads – Kurt Schlichter

CNN has been trying to stalk President Trump through a gap in some bushes outside of a Florida golf course, like the creepy freaks that they are, and they were stymied by a white box truck that parked in front of said gap. This caused the Counterfeit News Network to lose their collectivist minds:

Can someone check on CNN? They’ve been fixated on a white truck for two days now – Legal Insurrection

Joy Villa got lots of attention for showing up on the red carpet at an awards show wearing a Trump MAGA gown, and we deplorables thought that was pretty neat, but it turns out that Joy is not what she pretended to be and is instead simply an opportunist and an attention hog. Dianny unmasked her HERE. I keep saying, “The Trump Curse is real”, and am proven correct every time karma bites one of his attackers in the butt, but Joy Villa did much worse than those who openly attack My Donald and his supporters, she is a big stinking phony who pretended to be aboard the Trump Train and then turned on everyone who had given her support, and now, Joy Villa is imploding. I predict she will circle the drain some more before her impending karmic flush washes her back to the depths of obscurity. And don’t be surprised if she has all kinds of weird bad luck as well (see Lindsey Vonn for example).

Epic Trump Tweet: “Bundle Up” … – Treehouse

Related icing on the cake: Every Time Trump Tweets, A Snowflake Melts – 90 Miles from Tyranny

Last night I was honored to join my friends, Mr Pinko and Mike Nordstrom on their radio show, and they let me talk and talk! It was fun. If you’d like to have a listen to the podcast, you can do so HERE. The U.S. and Eh!? Show is very pro-Trump and doing its part to MAGA for everyone in earshot.

I hope you enjoy the links! Time for me to exit this chair until the next time. Happy New Year, y’all, MAGA!


MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at MareZilla.com. She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals. 


Not just any old tree, but the tree that Andrew Jackson brought some 200 years ago from Tennessee for his wife.

Notice Melania’s sideways glance,


Oh the humanity! She looks askance and down comes Jackson’s magnificent tree!

But, as Ace puts it, CNN, for once, has the real story, rather than Newsweek’s fake news.

Short story: The tree is in danger of falling unexpectedly. It is currently only being held up by artificial support (cables, etc.), but those cables aren’t enough to keep the thing from crashing to the ground and maybe killing someone or damaging the White House.

I admit it, I’m worse than Melania:

My Princeton house had two dozen trees on a half acre. The prior owners thought any tree was a good tree, so there were saplings sprouting off the ground all over the place, and those had to go as soon as we moved in.

Then there was the female gingko that had been (unsuccessfully) semi-chopped down sometime in its past, and periodically covered a large expanse of the front lawn with gummy, stinking, rot.

And let’s not forget the large cedar leaning over the neighbor’s little house, a.k.a. a lawsuit in the making.

Last, but not least, the 50′ tall elm that rotted from the inside, leaving a huge, HOLLOW diseased carcass still standing.

Melania wisely reviewed the information from the specialists at the United States National Arboretum and decided the tree had to come down. I don’t have that kind of resources, so we got rid of the saplings and the gingko without asking anyone else.

I did consult with the local arborist who did our tree maintenance (yes, Virginia, trees need regular maintenance) regarding the cedar and the elm.

The cedar was healthy, so it was turned into mulch for the other trees. The mulching was done after the chipper had been sanitized to avoid possible contagion from trees that had been put through that chipper.

The elm was dead and came down, much to my elderly neighbor’s dismay, as he could not understand that it was a hazard.

So Melania has a ways to go before her total of felled trees nears mine.

The moral of this story is, trees are living things, and, as such, have life spans. Chop responsibly.

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on U. S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog

The photo above of the front yard is four years old. No trees were harmed during the writing of this post.

Summary: The Doctor Doesn’t want to Regenerate, in fact two of them don’t.

Plot:   The first Doctor and the twelveth Doctor meet in the throes of regeneration.  but neither one wishes to do so.  While they are working on that they are suddenly confronted with first a soldier from the 1st world war and then Bill Potts and then some kind of future alien who is extracting humans from their timeline just before their deaths?   Can the Doctors foil whatever dastardly plan these folks have and even if he can will either of them decide to change.


Writing:  This is in effect the perfect story for Steven Moffat to end his run on in that it perfectly encapsulates his entire run of Doctor Who.  Flashes of absolute brilliance (the introduction scenes particularly) an unhealthy obsession with paradoxes, great plot ideas that are at times written brilliantly and at other times weakly.  The general plot of this episode cool but the the writing of that plot while occasionally brilliant, is really kinda…meh and seems all about showing how woke we all are as opposed to that 1st Doctor’s who was basically painted as a stand in for every fan who didn’t like the SJW choice of the next Doctor, lame.

Acting:    As Always Capaldi is very good although I thought his end speech was so weak I would think he would have objected to deliver it.  Pearl Mackie delivers her best performance of the series.  Mark Gatiss carries his role perfectly but the real question was:  “Could David Bradly pull of the 1st Doctor?”  The answer is clearly yes, I just wish the character was treated with more respect or at least some respect. If not for Simm and Gomez this would be the best acted episode of the season if not the Capaldi era.

Memorable Moments: I am younger, Lethbridge Stewart,  Here’s what’s going to happen, What’s Browser History?, This has been cleaned. It would help if you could see properly.

Doctor Who Flashbacks:  Given that this whole episode is a flashback there is much too much to list here.

Oddities:  It seems to me that the Time Lords would not allow the technology in human hands and there is a long history of them not allowing it.  That’s a pretty big plot hole.

Clara has been extracted from her last moment but the time lords have done the same thing so wouldn’t that be an issue?

Pet Peeves:  First the small ones:

The 1st Doctor can’t steer the ship but somehow gets back to the south pole.  Normally you would think:  Fast return switch but the fast return switch would take him back to Rusty.  How does he manage to get there?

The first doctor has obviously been to the future and should know what Browser History is. Furthermore given the shift in timelines and the fact that it’s at the very end of his, he should remember meeting his 2nd, 3rd and fifth selves.

Given the number of people dying in the 1st World War or in fact on earth at any given time shouldn’t there have been thousands caught in the error?

It didn’t take long for me to get REALLY sick of the Capaldi character going after the 1st Doctor for daring to have traditional views.  The whole holier than thou bit was completely insulting but is totally contrary to the whole,  respecting other cultures, business, that the #sjw team pushes.  Of course the exception is the traditional culture of Western Civilization which we are totally allowed to mock.  It’s rather ironic since the story turns on one of the most extraordinary events in the history of western civilization which is completely a product of that culture being attacked.  The 1st Doctor wasn’t there as the brilliant Doctor that he was.  He wasn’t played as the person to whom every single person watching this series, working on this series or making a living off owes everything to.  He was there as a running gag on how backward he and some fans are to the current Doctor Who team. It’s almost as if the entire episode was about preparing the ground rather than giving Capaldi a story to go out on. That was unfair to Capaldi and unfair to Bradley and the 1st Doctor. Personally I found it quite offensive.

You might be surprised by this peeve as I’ve already objected to the SJW change in Doctor Who but I also think Jodi Whitaker was treated poorly in her premiere in the role. Does she get memorable lines? Does she get memorable scenes, nope. After a completely forgettable (and almost unintelligible) first line the first thing the first woman Doctor to Pilot the TARDIS does is touch one button and gets herself completely ejected from the ship. Thus the first thought when seeing the first scene of Jodi Whitaker as the Doctor is “bad woman driver”.  One might argue that it was similar to Matt Smith’s start but her character didn’t even manage what he did.  Not the way you want to write the 1st scene of the 1st woman Doctor is it?  What a gyp and how unfair to her.

Great Quote(s) 


The Captain: [in shell hole pointing pistol at a wounded German also pointing pistol] There is something I should like to say. That is, there is something I would very much like you to understand. I do not have the slightest desire to kill you. The only reason why I would do so is self defense. However since you are aware that I might kill you in self defense, there is the strong possibility that you might kill me in self defense. It does rather make me rather wish you spoke English…
Wounded German: [Speaks in German no translation available as I type this but it ends with I think it ends in bitter nicht trotten. or “Don’t kill me please” ]
The Captain:or I spoke German. War is hell eh?


The Captain:: She’s coming, she’s coming. It’s her.
1st Doctor: Not human I think. State your planet of origin and your intentions. This is Earth, a level five civilization.t
12th Doctor: and it is protected!
1st Doctor: It’s what? [Alien disappears]
12th Doctor Oh OK Well that usually doesn’t work.
1st Doctor: Protected by whom?
12th Doctor: It tis early days isn’t it?


Captain: Is this madness? Am I going mad
12th Doctor: Well you’re an officer from world war 1 at the south pole being persued by an alien through frozen time. Madness was never this good
The Captain: World war 1?
12th Doctor: Judging by the uniform, yes?
The Captain:: Yes, but what do you mean, one?
12th Doctor: Oh, Sorry Spoilers

12th Doctor: Tell me what to do then, Bill Potts would tell me what to do
Bill: Do what you always do, serve at the pleasure of the human race?
12th Doctor: He’re what’s going to happen. 1st I’m going to escape (whispering to 1st Doctor) you with me
1st Doctor: Where are we going?
The Glass Woman: Escape is not possible
12th Doctor: It is possible and it is happening and I’m taking Bill and the Captain with me.
1st Doctor: Why are you advertising your intentions? Can’t you stop boasting for a moment?
12th Doctor: Mr. Patient too, I could do with a laugh
The Glass Woman: Escape is not possible
12th Doctor: Oh I’m going to do way more than escape. I’m going to find out who you are and what you are doing and if I don’t like it, I will come come back and stop you. I will stop all of you!
1st Doctor: Who the hell do you think you are?


1st doctor: Good is not a practical survival strategy. It requires loyalty, self sacrifice, love. So why does good prevail? What keeps the balance between good and evil in this appalling universe? Is there some kind of logic, some mysterious force?
Bill: Perhaps there is just, a bloke.
1st Doctor: A bloke?
Bill: Yeah, perhaps there is just some bloke, wandering around, putting everything right when it goes wrong.
1st doctor: Well that would be a nice story wouldn’t it?
Bill: That would be the best?


12th Doctor: Oh! It’s not an evil plan! I don’t know really what to do when it’s isn’t an evil plan.


Final Verdict:   4 1/2 stars.  The day before I watched this episode was the first day I had watch any episode of Doctor Who since they announced Jodi Whitaker as the new Doctor.  My sons had it on Christmas Eve and I watched some with them and it reminded me of how much I once loved the show.  However the spark remains gone so this is ironically the 1st episode that I’ve watched with the eyes of a pure critic vs the eyes of a fanboy of 41 years.  I think there was a lot of waste here. This is a good episode for many reasons. It is entertaining, some of the plotting is pretty original, the contrast between the Doctor as explorer vs protector and the resolution with the captain but While entertaining the Doctor’s don’t actually DO anything. The 1st Doctor stands around while the 12th Doctor makes fun of him as a sexist. This could have and should have been a grand adventure, instead it was a lecture on being woke, yet another example of our generation preaching how much smarter they are than every single one that came before it. Ironically the best scene is Bill’s scene with the 1st Doctor concerning good and evil which is wonderful. I’ve never seen an episode both so deep and so shallow at the same time.

Ranking of Season: 5th of 10th  The real problem for this episode, other than the sickening lectures is that it has to compete with the absolutely brilliant performances of  Michelle Gomez throughout the season and John Simm and her in previous episodes that raised the bar to a point where even two doctors just couldn’t match it. While the resolution on this episode were not as horrible as the episode that preceded it the Simm/Gomez combo made up for the deficiencies in said episode more than the Bradley/Capaldi stuff did.

FYI you might wonder why I rated this episode so high if I was so offended? The answer. It’s a TV show whose primary purpose is to entertain, for all it’s faults. It was entertaining and very clever at spots.

1st World Enough and Time
2nd Extremis
3rd The Eaters of Light
4th The Doctor Falls
5th Twice upon a Time
6th The Lie of the Land
7th Empress of Mars
8th The Pyramid at the End of the World
9th Knock Knock
10th Oxygen
11th Thin Ice
12th Smile
13th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era:  In my previous review I said the following “In a season full of disappointing episodes the fact that this one  wasn’t able to crack the top 10 of the Capaldi era is the biggest disappointment of all.”  The fact that a multi Doctor Episode that includes the regeneration scene of the 12 Doctor couldn’t crack the top ten of the Capaldi era should be a disgrace and in fact is one.  Of course you might say that it’s all because the episodes already in the top ten were so damn good (and they were) but still the Christmas special combining two doctors and including two regenerations is a big thing and it should have been a lot better than it was.

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd World Enough and Time
3rd. Last Christmas 
4th. The Caretaker
5th  Extremis
6th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
7th. The Girl who Died
8th. The Witch’s Familiar
9th. Hell Bent
10th. Mummy on the Orient Express

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