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[Uhura walks away and Bones walks up to Spock]

McCoy: You guys break up? What’d you do?

Spock: A typically reductive inquiry, Doctor.

 McCoy: You know, Spock, if an Earth girl says, uh, “it’s me, not you,” it’s definitely you.

— Star Trek: Beyond

I know you fellas hate the Friend Zone, but most guys I’ve relegated to that purgatorial habitation got there through their own misbehavior. They got demoted and if they wanted to remain in my life, they got friend-zoned. Their problem, not mine.

One guy, however, got Friend-Zoned immediately. He was nice, not bad-looking, polite, gainfully employed. But he did this one thing that drove me nuts. He would not respond pertinently to anything I said that was meaningful to me nor about topics where our opinions differed. It felt like he was sifting out the parts of me that were objectionable to him and only allowing himself to see those things which were agreeable to him.

But he was a gentleman. I don’t think we even held hands.

Simply put, I need to be listened to and I think most people – men and women – need this. Within limits. Limits.

I was reminded of this poor fellow when I read this: Feminist First Dates.

If you happen to find yourself on a first date with an intersectional feminist, expect to be taxed with such questions as:

Do you believe that Black Lives Matter? [Correct answer: Yes.]

How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life? [You’d better have some specific examples on hand.]

What are your thoughts on sex work? [Ponder the contention that “being pro–sex worker [i.e., prostitute] is a necessary pillar of dismantling the patriarchy.”]

Do you think capitalism is exploitative? [There is obviously only one answer to this.]

And so on. For our money, however, the more pressing question any serious “intersectional feminist” embarking on this inquisitorial program should ask is, “Will I ever have a second date?

Whew boy. And people say I’m hard to get along with. I wouldn’t even Friend-Zone a guy who asked me this crap. Restraining Order Zone, maybe.

I know what most guys would do under such conditions. Running away as fast you can is an acceptable solution.

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Here are two important pieces of information you won’t see in many media reports:

–Presidents Trump and Obama have the same approval ratings after one year in office.
–The percentage of negative stories about Trump is significantly higher than Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

Rasmussen Reports found that 46 percent of those polled give Trump a favorable rating, while 53 percent give him unfavorable marks. That is exactly what Rasmussen found after Obama’s first year in office. Also, Trump’s marks are better than he’s seen since last June when he had the same rating.

Maybe the tax bill and Trump’s other accomplishments are playing a lot better than what you see in the media.

The Pew Research Center confirmed what may be obvious to many Trump supporters but has eluded others: The coverage of the administration has been virulently anti-Trump when compared with the past three presidents.

“…[C]overage of Trump’s early days in office moved further away from a focus on the policy agenda (31% of stories, compared with 50% for Obama, 65% for Bush, and 58% for Clinton) and toward character and leadership. And the evaluations of President Trump were far more negative and less positive than those of his predecessors,” the report said.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 7.23.28 AMThe study examined how the news media covered the first 100 days of President Trump and his administration from Jan. 21 through April 30, 2017. Researchers coded stories from the 24 news outlets – with content pulled from more than 40 specific programs or websites.

During the first days of each of the past four presidencies, the survey found this breakdown:

–Clinton: 27% positive stories, 28% negative stories, and 44% neutral
–Bush: 22% positive stories, 28% negative stories, and 49% neutral
–Obama: 42% positive stories, 28% negative stories, and 30% neutral
–Trump: 5% positive stories, 63% negative stories, and 33% neutral

Put another way, Clinton and Bush had roughly the same ratio of positive and negative stories. Obama had a significantly higher ratio of positive stories.
Trump had 12 times as many negative stories as positive ones. As a result, he also had significantly fewer neutral stories.

The analysis also found two interesting characteristics—nine of 10 Americans surveyed got their news from digital sources as opposed to about one in 10 during Clinton’s first term. Also, digital outlets tend to have a far more liberal audience than other news organizations. As a result, these sources also tend to tilt toward their audience. Yes, BuzzFeed, Vice, Vox, and others do tilt leftward.

Here’s the key takeaway: These analyses underline why many people don’t trust the media anymore.

Covering President Trump in a Polarized Media Environment

2017 was a pretty good year for DaTechGuyblog in terms of Traffic (Up over 10%) Unique viewers (Up 20%) Tip Jar (up 30% though still not making our goal) but as always reporting and bloggering are like recording a record album. You don’t quite know what points are going to be hits.

So since there was too much use to put this up last week, here are the top five post of 2017

#5 Who it’s really all about Feb 17th 2017 by RH

This was without a question the saddest post we’ve ever run. It was a follow up post by RH the Navy 36 Grade Bureaucrat asking for prayers for his daughter Rebecca as she went into and prepared to recover from heart surgery. Things had seemed to go well until

Everyone was in shock. We had the best team of pediatric heart surgeons, cardiologists, NICU and PICU nurses that you could assemble in America. Rebecca had been recovering. Her echocardiograms had all been good. The pacing wires had been firing. Everything should have worked. It was like the A Team of cardiology teams was on her side. They simply don’t lose people, certainly not kids like Rebecca. But as the head surgeon later told us, “One minute she was fine, the next she was in arrest and would not come back.”

however even in grief that I can’t imagine he discovered hope

I realized that I made a mistake. I focused on Rebecca’s pain. I watched her cry when she was stuck with needles. I watched her struggle to finish a bottle because her heart wasn’t strong enough to breast feed. It made me sad, but what I didn’t realize was that she was changing everyone around her. My focus on her pain blinded me to how she was an instrument to change those around her.

Many of us spend a large part of our adult lives influencing, or trying to influence, those around us. We read books, we devise arguments, we make PowerPoint presentations, and we argue on Facebook. And yet here I had a little girl, not even a year old, who came into my life and changed everyone around her, including people she never met. Her broken heart was changing those with hardened hearts.

She did it without words, without slides, and without a social media account.

It’s post like this that remind you how empty some of our arguments and complaints are

#4 8 years later the NYT is still looking for Instapundit readers. Jan 3rd 2017 (DaTechGuy)

I’ve always been a fan or Irony and I found this story of the NYT running top page banner ads for subscribers at Instapundit rather telling:

Now in one respect seeing a NYT ad at Instapundit is no surprise, after all despite Glenn’s regular critiques of the Times they’ve been advertising at his site since at least 2009 and he does link to them a lot, furthermore while his stats are dwarfed by the times (The 25% of the NYT total hits which come from China alone likely blow him of of the water) his numbers are large enough that it’s a logical place to put ads.

But doesn’t it speak volumes that we’ve reached the point where the NYT is running banner ads at the top of Instapundit offering their product for a month for less than the price of 4 chicken nuggets at Wendy’s in the hopes of finding some of Glenn’s readers willing to give them a shot?

This post was prophetic given that the NYT and the left would spend the year producing fake news on Trump while Glenn & company play it straight on truth. It also resulted in the first Instalanche of the year on the 11th day of Christmas which got 2017 off to a pretty good start.

#3 It’s a Trump Trap and the NFL, NBA and Dems Walked Right In Sept 24th 2017 (DTG)

This was and remains one of my favorite posts of the year as it perfectly illustrates how President Donald Trump plays his foes like fools.

this helps Trump in places that he needs to win again and hurts him in places that he’s doesn’t, while helping the left in places that they are already winning in and hurts them in swing states and districts.

Because nothing is going to win over white working class voters than a bunch of rich athletes talking about how oppressed they are by the country that made them rich.

The left doesn’t seem to get this or if they do, they are too afraid of getting any single part of their fragile coalition together to risk keeping silent, they don’t want to see a bunch of primaries where they are flanked on the left.

What’s really ironic here is Trump is using the tactics of the left against them and playing by the same rules that they normally do

Before the end of the year every single Democrat running in a red state or a swing district is going to have to answer if they supported the NFL protests (that still where going on in week 16) and figure out if they want to piss off their primary base or the general election people. Trump saw this a mile away, the MSM somehow still doesn’t.

It’s worth noting that is was the most popular post written by me this year.

Roy Moore Allegations#2 Roy Moore, WaPo, and the problem with an untrustworthy press: Nov 9th 2017 JD Rucker

For the first time ever the #2 & #1 posts at DaTechGuy blog were written by someone other than me this one came from JD Rucker at the start of the Roy Moore business:

The left won’t believe RedState or Daily Caller. The right won’t believe Slate or Salon. Both are workable dynamics because there’s no illusion attempted by these publications. They’re biased and proud of it. WaPo perpetuates an illusion if journalistic integrity. By doing so, they have far too much power in wielding the “truth” even if it’s spun in the direction they want.

These reports are so old that there’s very little chance they can be proven. Unfortunately, there’s also very little chance they can be properly refuted. That’s the power of the “unbiased” mainstream media. They can cast shadows of doubt in any direction they choose based upon their bias. They can choose to print allegations about Moore. They can choose to ignore allegations about Barack Obama. When a major media outlet is biased while claiming otherwise, we’re left with deciding which truth to believe.

JD pegged it exactly right at the start, even the lack of actual physical evidence (like the Franken photo), settlements (like Cosby), No investigations (like Conyers) , Confessions (Spurlock) or claims made under oath (Bill Clinton) enough of the Voters of Alabama bought what was being sold by the indignant MSM to cost Moore the election. Oddly enough now that he’s beaten the MSM that was so willing to peg him a predator has decided that the “victims” don’t have to pursue this any further and that no being a US senator is the proper punishment for the behavior they claimed of him.

Yes I’m still pissed about it, but JD saw it coming from day one.

Before we get to #1 here are the honorable mentions #6-10

#6 Waking to a Christmas Layoff the True minimum wage remains at Zero DTG 12-6-17
#7 Opinion Puppeteering — Also, I Told You So by Juliette (Baldilocks) Ochieng 11/4/17
#8 Et Tu Vermont? One Year in Rutland Demonstrates why America Elected Donald Trump DTG 3/10/17
#9 Reminder there have been more attempted Mass Shootings By Bernie Sanders Campaign Volunteers dtg 11/6/17
#10 Peeling the Weaponized DOJ Onion by Juliette (Baldilocks) Ochieng 3/4/17

You’ll notice that of 4 of those top five posts are from Nov/December and four of them were not written by me. The #1 post of the year hits both of those buttons.

And now the #1 post of 2017 is

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