Butterfly Rescue!

A woman found a Monarch butterfly who was born with a torn wing and would be unable to fly and live out his little butterfly life, so she decided to try to save him with surgery! Via Sunny Skyz: Romy McCloskey has a good reason to cherish butterflies more than most people. Before her mother … Continue reading Butterfly Rescue!

Speaking of sh**holes, where were you?

The Trump Era News Cycle is a pattern of 1. Trump tweets or says something, 2. Sh**storm develops over the tweet or the remark, 3. Important international or national developments go ignored. The latest storm is over Trump's remark, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Just as before, the … Continue reading Speaking of sh**holes, where were you?

Speaking an Uncomfortable Truth about Haiti

The Democrat left is going apoplectic concerning President Trump's comments concerning Haiti declaring his statements prove Donald Trump is a straight up racist. The only problem with this reaction is that while President Trump's language might have been less crude (a phrase that is evergreen) concerning it, he's correct concerning Haiti and moreover the people … Continue reading Speaking an Uncomfortable Truth about Haiti