My Memo Prediction Watch Dems / Media Suddenly go Frank Drebin

Nothing to see here

Sir Humphrey Appleby: How are things at the Campaign for the Freedom of Information, by the way?

Sir Arnold Robinson: Sorry, I can’t talk about that.

Yes Minister Party Games 1984

Frank Drebin:  Nothing to see here move along

The Naked Gun 1988

Well it looks like the long anticipated, heavily dreaded memo is about to be released today and there doesn’t seem to be any other topic in the world, not the Superbowl, not the train crash, not North Korea or the Olympics.

I find it a tad odd to have it released on a Friday, particularly a Friday before a Superbowl but I suspect that’s a preview of what is coming.

I have no idea what’s in the Memo, neither do most of you, the fact that none of it has leaked is a great illustration of the difference between when the GOP handles classified data and the left but I have one prediction concerning it that I’d like to make and it’s this:

As you’ve noticed the Democrats , FBI and the left have spent the last two weeks in an all out assault on this memo, claiming that if anyone in the public it will undermine institutions of great value (apparently of great value to Democrats).  I suspect this is because like Harvey Weinstein business everybody on the left knew this stuff was going on but doesn’t want you to know it was.  So I predict that they will fight the release of this memo to the very last second…

…and then the moment it is made public you will see the entire Washington/Media/Hollywood complex decide that it’s not newsworthy, that it’s a big nothing burger and it not worth your time, pundits who swore that the entire fabric of western civilization was about to collapse will turn on a dime faster than US communists went from being isolationists after the Nazi-Soviet Pact to becoming interventionists the day Hitler invaded Russia.

Cue Frank Drebin

At least that’s what I think.  Well see if I do better on this than I did yesterday.

Closing thought: You think Hollywood might be regretting spending months hyping a movie all about how heroic it is to release classified info to inform the public? I wait with breathless anticipation of the anouncement of the sequel to The Post where Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep decide they don’t want to let their readers see classified stuff after all.

Update: Ezra Klein on the memo after release: So What?

The spin on CNN: The president has defied the FBI and Justice department.

Update 2: from the Hill: Comey: That’s it?

I’m old enough to remember when Comey thought the release of this document was a serious security breech and a crisis.