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There has been a whole lot of shutting down of right leaning people online lately, from the Twitter shadow bans and purges to the even longer running shenanigans from Facebook, to the creepy Google antics , and now Medium’s joining the ban the right bandwagon (banned wagon?), and again this year CPAC shut out Pamela Geller at the last minute because her panel on Free Speech was to include Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit. To add insult to injury, CPAC then stole Pamela’s work, claimed it for their own, and ran their version of a “Free Speech” panel, after banning some of the biggest advocates for the freedom of speech that we have.

Image from The Geller Report

Robert Spencer has a lot to say about this disgusting turn of events (and the years of hostility from CPAC to people who tell the truth about islamic supremacism and the jihad threat):

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has never been much interested in hosting honest discussion of the jihad terror threat. I was on a panel there in 2003, and in 2007 debated both Dinesh d’Souza and “moderator” Suhail Khan on Islam and the jihad threat (partial video here). I was on various AFDI panels while we were still able to have them there, but I haven’t been back since Suhail Khan flew into a hysterical rage at CPAC 2012 when I challenged him to debate, except for an appearance on Breitbart’s “Uninvited” panel in 2013.

Not only has CPAC consistently dissembled about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, but it has also shown a disturbing tendency to dance to the tune of the Left. Saul Alinsky’s 13th Rule for Radicals is “‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” The Left consistently does this; in the case of counter-jihadis (including me), it presents our statements, however correct and demonstrable, as egregious and individual to us — that’s freezing and personalizing the target. Then Leftists move to “cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy,” demanding that others on the Right disavow and condemn, or at very least shun, the target. And establishment conservatives have always willingly played along, allowing their associations and allies to be dictated by their enemies.

I’ve been the recipient of both the Alinsky treatment and the shunning from caitiffs on the Right, including CPAC, for years, but I’ve never seen a more nauseating example of CPAC’s cravenness, cowardliness and dishonesty than what has played out with my colleague Pamela Geller over the last ten days. Since last September, Geller has been trying to get a room at CPAC for an AFDI event, even offering to pay sponsorship fees, which are pricey, since sponsoring organizations are given a room in which they can hold an event. CPAC stonewalled and ran out the clock. Finally on February 14, she submitted a proposal for a panel discussion entitled “Suppression of Conservative Views on Social Media: A First Amendment Issue.” She added a list of proposed speakers, including James Damore, Google whistleblower; Harmeet K. Dhillon, renowned free speech attorney; Dan Gainor, Vice President for Business and Culture, Media Research Center; Jim Hoft, Editor-in-Chief, Gateway Pundit; James O’Keefe, Project Veritas; and Marlene Jaeckel, Tech Entrepreneur. I know this because I consulted with Pamela Geller at the time about the focus of this panel and who the speakers should be, before she submitted this proposal to CPAC.

CPAC’s Dan Schneider and Matt Schlapp approved this panel, but would not let it be an AFDI event. Schneider and Schlapp insisted that the panel be sponsored by the American Principles Project (APP), which neither Geller nor I had ever heard of. Otherwise, however, they made no changes — until shortly thereafter, when Hoft enraged the Leftist establishment by noting what has been likewise observed by many people — that the pro-gun control students speaking out in the wake of the Florida school shooting appeared coached. As condemnations rained down on Hoft from the likes of Chelsea Clinton and Paul Krugman, CPAC again rushed to do the Left’s bidding. APP top dog Terry Schilling, a board member of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which hosts CPAC, demanded that Hoft be dropped from the panel. Geller refused to play lapdog for the Left, and so Schilling and CPAC canceled the panel.

And then they stole it.

Today at CPAC there is a panel entitled “Suppression of Conservative Views on Social Media: A First Amendment Issue” and featuring Damore, Dhillon, Gainor, O’Keefe, and Jaeckel. Hmmm, where did they get the idea for such an event? CPAC claims that it was all their idea. CPAC officials issued CPAC staffers talking points on various issues, so that they would march in lockstep in the media (very conservative, that). One of these talking points stated: “CPAC sponsor APP is hosting a panel discussion on conservative voices being silenced on the internet. APP invited Pamela Geller to participate on the panel. She initially accepted but she then made her participation contingent on APP including another person who was obviously a poor choice. Pamela is actively promoting a version of events that are intentionally inaccurate designed to mislead and mischaracterize the construction of this presentation. She is no longer a participant, her claims that the panel is cancelled are false and the panel will move forward as intended.”

This is, to put it politely, a pack of lies. APP did not originate this panel. It did not invite Geller to participate. She did not make her participation contingent on anyone else being included. She is not promoting a false version of event; they are. In reality, Geller originated the panel. APP was added on by CPAC. Hoft was on the panel from the beginning, with CPAC’s agreement. When CPAC insisted that Hoft be dropped because the Left was angry with him, Geller refused, whereupon CPAC canceled the panel. I know all this because I have been involved with this imbroglio at every step of the way.  (MORE)

CPAC may still be a big opportunity for conservatives to meet with like minded people and to hear speeches from important leaders on the right, and for bloggers to snag great interviews, but it is becoming increasingly tainted by its hostility to the counterjihad movement, to Trump supporters, and its habitual folding to the whims of leftism and leftism’s enablers who claim to be on the right. Remember, even our current (and fantastic) President refused to play their game just two years ago.

It might not seem like a big deal to some people, the way Pamela Geller and others who fight for free speech and freedom from islamic totalitarianism tyranny get jerked around by CPAC, but as more organizations are shutting down access for right minded people to get their messages out to the public, we need to realize that an attack on one of us is an attack on us all. Whoever the left unjustifiably howls about next is likely to be the next to be shut out by the establishment right. It is getting harder to hear voices of those who need to be heard the most. The voices we need to hear the most are always the ones that will be silenced first, so that you will never hear the warnings they tried to give you until it is too late.


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When Justin Trudeau decided to go to India, he must have tried to kill two birds with one shot, and dress up like Mr. Darcy in Bride and Prejudice:

You could say that Justin vaguely resembles Martin Henderson, who played Mr. Darcy in the 2004 film.

Trudeau has one of those faces: He also resembles a young Fidel Castro,

and he reminds me of one of my classmates at the University of Georgia (I wonder what became of him? But I digress).

Bride and Prejudice was rollicking good fun,

so Justin’s enthusiasm for Bollywood fancy dress must have carried to the rest of his family. Mrs Trudeau and the kids took off their shoes and joined in dressing up while in India.

Then they made thousands of tourists wait in the heat while they had their photo-ops.

It was not a good idea:

Looks like the Trudeaus studiously practiced “Namaste” in yoga class,

For years I worked with, and had neighbors and friends from India, but I don’t recall much Namaste-ing. Maybe we just didn’t feel like it.

The fancy dress didn’t go over well, but things got worse when the

Canadians had invited a Sikh separatist, now a Canadian citizen, convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian politician to a dinner with Trudeau at the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence in New Delhi. (It’s not clear how he obtained a visa to enter India.)

The Atlantic quotes,

Shivam Vij wrote in the Washington Post, “for Trudeau, this trip is all about the Sikh vote in Canada.”

It may be, but after the invitation was rescinded Trudeau finally got around to wearing a business suit. He wore Darth Vader socks to meet Prime Minister Modi, a Star Wars fan.

And the trip remains an embarrassment.

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on U. S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog. She’d love to visit India in her regular clothes.

Ted Cruz CPAC 2018

One of the things that makes being at CPAC very interesting, both from the standpoint of the average attendee and for a reporter and blogger is the fact that you never know when you are going to find yourself next to a person of provenance, an author you admire, a television personality, an activist you’ve seen on TV or a member of the house or senate or candidate for same.

Now in the old pre-gaylord days for a blogger like me, this was actually a lot easier, particularly for that final category, we bloggers were distinct from the MSM in our own area above the stage to the left as you’re facing it and if you were a GOP candidate or member of congress you made it a point to make the to bloggers row where you knew you had friends who would not only give you a fair hearing but would be delighted to speak to you.

With the move to National Harbor and the expansion of the number of bloggers that changed. Bloggers and the MSM media were now together rather than distinct in both our badges and our location meaning that while we were “elevated” in prestige, our access disappeared. Suddenly a GOP candidate or member of congress could no longer by our location in bloggers row where the MSM was not allowed (I have found memories of Maureen Dowd trying to get in and getting kicked out of the old bloggers row, yes we know who you are, get out!) or at a glance at our badges or selves know if we were friend or foe  and unless we had personal relationships with such people and their staffs we were locked out and thus had to stumble into such people by luck or skill or both.

This also complicates things for me as I like to interview a lot of attendees in my coverage who look at my badge see “media” and cringe if they don’t recognize or remember me.   (Yes folks there IS a reason why I always wear a hat, a twelve-foot scarf and carry cannoli)

Thus yesterday did I find myself after conducting interviews at the far end of Radio Row did I accidentally find myself next to Senator Ted Cruz just as he finished one interview and heading for the NRA TV area for another before going on stage.

As a rule I normally avoid scrums but as I was right there and quickly boxed in I decided to turn on my camera and start recording.

The Senator was answering questions from the media who had grabbed him first and I was quickly surrounded to the point that I wasn’t going anywhere so I looked for an opportunity to ask a question but couldn’t get one in as he slowly navigated the phalanx of fans and media to the NRA area.

At this point I had a decision to make, I was at the front of the barrier with a crowd behind me. I could work away and do something else or wait for the Senator to finish with the NRA and be in a good position to get in a question or two, as I had thought of question that fit my coverage I decided to wait it out and took the time to get in some decades of the Rosary (getting the daily 60 decades is a real problem when you are constantly on the go)

When the senator was finished he posed for a picture or two and he started moving toward the stage entrance area and his handlers were expertly moving people back, but the Senator recognized me, greeted me remembering my support and endorsement early in the campaign and being the man he is and also knowing I do walking interviews granted me a couple of questions as he walked to the stage entrance to the stage.

As always my question were designed to complement my coverage, My first question was to note the contrast I had seen in my interviews with CPAC 2017 attendees who were happy to have beaten Hillary but mixed on Donald Trump and this years’ attendees who if you have been watching my interviews have embraced him. I asked if had earned conservatives support and he listed the administration accomplishments that had done so.

His answer was concise enough for me to get in a second question so I asked him one of the question I’ve asked everyone this year, about the GOP chances for retaining the congress. His answer was pretty much that is was on them, if “we ” that is the congress did what we said we would the GOP voters would turn out, if not then not.

The video is here

Thus CPAC remains the place where with a little luck a mere blogger can score an exclusive, if short, interview with a key senator and player in Washington, but I have to give a lot of credit to the Senator. While he knew I was a public supporter of him very early who stuck with him till the day he pulled out, it was to no great advantage for him to give me that time. He knew it would likely not win him a single vote that he wasn’t about to wow on the stage. But he knew that for a person who makes his money and rep based on hits on the site and hits to DaTipJar that two minutes is invaluable and gave it to me.

You had better believe I’m not going to forget that anytime soon and I submit and suggest to any voters in Texas considering an alternative that if he will remember and reward the support of a blogger like myself, how much more will he remember the conservative who have supported him during the primaries and the voters of Texas who elected him by standing firm behind the conservative principles we embrace?

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