CPAC 2018 Dutch Kitchen Cannoli Sicilian from Brooklyn Approved

As you should know by now every year, even back when we were at the Windam (other than when they were stolen at the airport) I bring Cannoli from Massachusetts to give out at CPAC. It’s become a tradition as attested by this video from CPAC 2012 when we were in DC proper.

A few years ago Scottie Neil Hughes shot a video concerning said cannoli extolling their virtue, but last year she didn’t get one and ended up shooting a video calling out both me and Kellyanne Conway of the Whitehouse for getting a Cannoli when she didn’t. Even an offer of a loan of a DaTechGuy fedora was not a substitute so we were determined to make sure Scottie got her cannoli and made it a point to bring an extra full sized cannoli in addition to the 40 mini cannoli (yes we bring the small ones) and left it in the fridge in the room until we spotted Scottie.

Meanwhile the cannoli were, as always well received as per this video from the producer at Chosen Generation

By Friday the last cannoli was gone and all that was left was to wait for Scottie to present her with the last one. Unfortunately Saturday afternoon Scottie informed us that other commitments prevented her from coming this year which meant we had an extra cannoli, who to give it to?

Well the solution was right before me in the form of Vito from the Vito and Vito show (interview to be uploaded) who has appearing as a guest on the inaugural broadcast of “The Other Podcast” hosted by Stacy McCain and William Hoge of Hogewash which was being done in my room. Who better to taste test a cannoli than a Sicilian from Brooklyn?

I’ll admit that Vito doesn’t have the same video effect as Scottie but if a cannoli meets the standard of a Sicilian from Brooklyn you know it’s worthwhile.

So the next time you see DaTechGuy offering Cannoli at an event be aware that the Cannoli offered by DaTechGuyblog are Sicilian from Brooklyn approved.

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