Attention Delta / Corporate America, Georgia’s Legislature is the Rule NOT the Exception on the NRA

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Get woke go broke

Glenn Reynolds

Time doesn’t permit me to finish my longer post on the subject so in the interest of brevity let me give a reminder to the corporate sheep who are being played by the media and twitter activists concerning the NRA.

Georgia is far from the only state where candidates will increase their likelihood of winning election or re-election to the majority by retaliating or promising to retaliate against companies that target the NRA.

So feel free to kowtow to the MSM/Democrat/Harvey Weinstein left  and take punitive action against the NRA on the basis of tweets if you wish, but before you do make sure the decision makers at your corporate HQ look at this map showing party control of the lower houses of state legislatures

Then this map showing party control of the upper house of state legislatures.

And the map at the top of this post showing states where one party controls all three houses and be well aware that you will not only pay a price with customers for targeting the NRA and gun owners but you will provide an electoral incentive for majority pols in these states who regulate your business activities and potential candidates in those states to proactively take punitive action against your company at little or no cost to them politically.

You have been warned.

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