The Democrat/Media/HollyWood Harvey Weinstein Left can’t allow Sheriff Israel to Resign

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As new details continue to emerge from the Parkland Shooting there is one thing that has become clear to me:

The one thing the MSM/Democrat/Harvey Weinstein Left CAN’T ALLOW is the resignation of Sheriff Scott Israel.

Consider; the Parkland shooting has been one of the few success stories from the media/democrat left in the last several months. it has been an event that has allow them to drive the narrative as they once did regularly, put spokespeople forward despite astounding and, to some degree, understandable ignorance, are tough to counter due to their legitimate victims status.

Even more importantly while their Town Hall will likely backfire spectacularly come election day, particularly in district where they can’t afford to energize voters who “cling to their guns and bibles” the measure of this success has been their ability to persuade companies that should know better to take steps detrimental to their bottom line for the sake of virtue signaling their opposition to the NRA without reckoning the price (Delta didn’t need that tax breaks  anyway) and alas for Dick’s Sporting Goods there are plenty of small gun shops that will be delighted to take they business you leave behind.

The premise of all of this success is their ability to falsely blame the NRA for the Parkland shooting and to spook pols living in the bubble and people in charge of social media at corporations who are apparently terrified of tweets.

The Moment the Sheriff resigns the game changes.

That would be a public acknowledgement that not only was the NRA NOT responsible for the Parkland killings but that this same sheriff who proudly went on CNN to denounce conservatives and the NRA to become a “resistance” hero failed to do his job both before and during the attack on Parkland school and the result was a bunch of dead kids.

Even worse it would undermine the message of the Democrats that only police can be trusted with firearms, after all, what’s the point of trusting police to protect you if they aren’t willing to engage?

And of course such a change would be disaster for the Harvey Weinstein left in Hollywood, this has been their chance to try and regain their moral authority in the wake of the METOO scandals.  Perhaps Harvey was too toxic to play the anti-NRA card, but plenty of celebs not as toxic who would love the public to forget their silence on Weinstein by virtue signaling on the NRA.

Finally while media has had little trouble disappearing James Hodgkinson, the Bernie Sanders volunteer and Rachel Maddow fan whose attempt to slaughter a chunk almost took the life of Steve Scalsie (R-LA) down the memory hole,  it will be almost impossible to do so with Sheriff Israel when that same left thrust the Democrat Sheriff to the forefront before the details of his incompetence and his department’s apparent cowardice became plain.

The Media/Democrat/Harvey Weinstein Left simply can’t afford to let that narrative change.

So I predict that no matter what the surveillance tapes show, no matter what new facts come out, no matter how arrogant he comes across on CNN and no matter how many people are endangered Sheriff Scott Israel will remain where he is until the voters of Broward County choose to remove him and the news of his departure can be just one more election result reported on a cold November night.

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