30 Tips to Stay Married 30 Years, Today: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Deputy: That them shootin’?
Sheriff Langston: No, it’s coming from those rocks.
Deputy: Well, let’s go. He ain’t hittin’ nothin’.
Sheriff Langston: You idiot, he’s hit everything he’s aimed at!
Deputy: Well, they ain’t out of our jurisdiction ’til they reach the flattop.
[Sheriff Langston’s hat is shot off his head]
Sheriff Langston: Today, my jurisdiction ends here.

Silverado 1985

The next few tips are going to be about fights and disagreements

Any time you have two people together you are going to have disagreement and any time a decision has to be made and there isn’t an odd number of people involved there is going to either be a stalemate, a compromise or someone will have to give in.

The reality is most of the disputes you are going to get into are petty ones, where to eat, what brand of Peanut butter to buy, what color should the furniture or the breadspread be?

That’s where this tip comes into play: Don’t sweat the small stuff

I know everybody says this but that’s because it’s true.

None of these things or the other thousand small decisions in a marriage make a difference toward the success of a marriage but fights arising from these small things can escalate out of control really quick and even if they don’t have the potential to sow the weeds that can multiply over the years and choke a marriage to death.

I submit and suggest that if you’re smart most of the time that on disputes like this you give your opinion but don’t press the issue. Go to her restaurant this week and to yours the next, don’t worry about the color of the wall, let these things go.

There are plenty of rocks that can run a marriage aground, don’t get shipwrecked on a pebble.

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