For the first time ever I drove to CPAC and Robert Stacy McCain talked to me on the ride home

We had a long talk but the camera died and there wasn’t time to finish.

There are two three CPAC posts left, one is a guest post that will take time to arrange, a makeup post of an interivew and my conclusions from the data points that I gathered while there.

Update 2 became 3

DaTechGuy at CPAC 2018 The story (blogged) so far:

Saturday April 7th
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Friday April 6th

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Thursday April 5th

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Wednesday April 4th
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Tuesday April 3rd

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Monday April 2nd
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Sunday April 1st
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Saturday March 31st

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Friday March 30th

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Thursday March 29th

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Wednesday March 28th

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Tuesday March 27th

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3 Clips of President Trump at CPAC 2018 plus Rachel from VA again

Monday March 26

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Sunday March 25

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Saturday March 24th

Voices from CPAC 2018: Tyler

Friday March 23rd

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Thursday March 22nd

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Wednesday March 21st

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Tuesday March 20th

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Monday March 19th

Voices at CPAC Heather of Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty

Saturday March 17th

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Friday March 16th

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Thursday March 15th

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Wednesday March 14

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Tuesday March 13th

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Monday March 12th

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Sunday March 11th

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Saturday March 10th

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Friday March 9th

Voices of CPAC 2018 Chase from the Houston Young Republicans

Thursday March 8th

Voices at CPAC 2018 Chris from NY Longtime Prolife activist

Saturday March 10th

Voices of CPAC 2018 Connor Wolf of Inside Sources

Friday March 9th

Voices of CPAC 2018 Chase from the Houston Young Republicans

Thursday March 8th

Voices at CPAC 2018 Chris from NY Longtime Prolife activist

Wednesday March 7th

Voices at CPAC 2018 Michael from Liberty University

Tuesday March 6th

Voices at CPAC 2018 Sarah Rumpf

Monday March 5th

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Sunday March 4th
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Friday March 2nd

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Wednesday Feb 20

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Monday Feb 26th

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Sunday Feb 25th

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Saturday Feb 24th

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Friday Feb 23rd

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Thurs Feb 22nd

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Wed Feb. 21st

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Voices at (or near) #cpac2018 Lea from National Association of Developmental Educators We talk Students and Math

DaTechGuy at CPAC 2018 The Calm Before the Storm and What I’ll be Asking

If you don’t want to wait or my blog posts to see my interviews my youtube channel is here.

Full CPAC 2017 list (for those who feel nostalgic) is here

A reminder I have copies of my Book Hail Mary the perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer available at CPAC with me, price $7 and I will happily sign them for you.

Or you can just order it on Amazon

If you don’t want to wait or my blog posts to see my interviews my youtube channel is here.

Full CPAC 2017 list (for those who feel nostalgic) is here

A reminder I have copies of my Book Hail Mary the perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer available at CPAC with me, price $7 and I will happily sign them for you.

Or you can just order it on Amazon

by baldilocks

Interesting promo.

People often tell themselves that they will start their new diet, new exercise regime, or their new life, tomorrow. Either they are too stressed with stuff today, or need one last day to relax before permanently making the change. Then tomorrow comes, and the cycle repeats.

He’s not wrong.

Not being connected enough with your future self means that you cannot work towards acquiring what is necessary to reach your potential. Everything we aim to become comes with some costs. Failure to understand the current costs of your ideal future is robbing yourself of future freedom.

When people are asked to think about their future selves, they almost always say who they will be tomorrow is better than who they are today. They think they will be richer, happier, more successful, and more productive as life goes on. People rarely think that some terrible life event, or a gradual decline is likely to occur, even if they are not taking steps to improve themselves.

The piece is mostly about how to put financial self-improvement into action.

It got me to thinking. What if a person did everything suggested in the article and met each planned goal in the time allotted to him/her on this earth?

That person would still have to leave the earth. And assuming that there’s no afterlife, the only good reason to reach financial goals is to live well for a few years then leave something for the children.

I suppose I shouldn’t look for metaphysical musings in what is, essentially, a financial planning promotional piece. But when I read the title addressing the “enslavement” of one’s future self, I couldn’t help but think of that other future self – the one which will still exist in Heaven or in outer darkness when this ‘self’ appears to be gone.

And it seems to me that planning for that future self is not only more important, but indispensable.

Because that’s the only thing you will take with you when you leave here.

(Thanks to Zero Hedge)

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Silver Ball Museum Asbury NJ
On the way home from CPAC 2018 we stopped at the Silver Ball Museum in Asbury Park NJ on the Boardwalk

I also spoke to the manager.

We got there a bit late because of taking Stacy McCain which meant our time was limited but it was a good time, worth the trip. Their web site is here. The place is very much worth a visit.


One of my side jobs is helping nearby Navy commands understand Operational Security (OPSEC), a term used to describe protecting unclassified information from the enemy, which they might use to get some sort of military advantage.  Given the speed and connected nature of today’s world, it is significantly harder for the military, and especially military spouses, to keep information protected.

A few nights ago, I was asked to talk to a command’s family readiness group.  This command’s schedule had been leaked from at least a few spouses and Sailors, and the captain was having a tough time getting people to understand the seriousness of these leaks.  So I gave my normal presentation, walking through how OPSEC issues had killed ISIS members, destroyed Army helicopters, and are increasingly used to target service members.  It gets a bit scary, because it’s not hard to show how Facebook, Twitter and other apps sell data to anyone, making it increasingly hard to argue that they aren’t evil in some way.

Even Hakim agrees with me

I took questions at the end, and for once, I was surprised.

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Not every Crazy Murderous person from the middle east is a Muslim jihadist, some are just crazy obsessed nuts with a chip on their shoulders and a persecution complex.

The website, which media said was linked to the attacker, had several posts about Persian culture and veganism, interspersed with screeds against YouTube. Those complaints included claims the company was not sharing enough revenue with people who create videos for the platform.
“There is no equal growth opportunity on YouTube, or any other video-sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to,”

It’s worth remembering that the term “crazy obsessed nut” crosses demographic lines

Four thoughts:

  1.  For the 2nd time we have the story of a shooter that the police were warned about, this time actually talking to the shooter the day of the murders but either didn’t conclude she was dangerous or didn’t have sufficient legal cause to pursue the matter further.  Unlike Parkland there wasn’t a long history here so perhaps the police deserve some slack here but it still doesn’t inspire confidence.
  2. There have been plenty of people upset at Youtube’s policies and there is some irony in Nasim Aghdam being the shooter here as Stacy McCain put it.

After all that YouTube has done to suppress conservative videos, how ironic is it that an Iranian-American animal-rights activist resorted to terroristic violence against the company?

We still have more shootings targeting media or lawmakers by angry Animal Rights activists and Bernie Sanders Volunteers than NRA members.

3.  How relieved CAIR must be that a newsworthy shooting by an American arabic speaker that has nothing to do with Jihad or Islam?

4.  If Naseem Aghdam had been  a 40 year white Trump supporting NRA member named Nadine the entire MSM narrative would be how dangerous Trump supporters are, but because she was an Iranian-American animal-rights activist this will (rightly) be treated as the case of a lone nut.
Kinda sad when you’re reached a point in society where you think:  Oh it’s not a terrorist attack, just another nut