With the news that Eddie Munster Paul RINO Ryan will be vacating his role as Speaker of the House, the job is going to be open to anyone who wants to run for it – literally anyone, as Marco Rubio confirmed to TMZ this week. Click HERE for the cute video. TMZ asked Senator Rubio if even Kanye West could run for the position, which Rubio answered affirmatively. It’s true, even YOU can run if you want to! All you have to do is meet a few requirements, and then get the votes from Congress, and there you are as Speaker of the House!

As long as you are an American Citizen and over the age of 25, you are eligible, apparently, and then you just have to win the roll call vote at the beginning of the next session of Congress. Of course the position typically goes to another swamp creature who is already has a seat in the House of Congress, but it doesn’t have to.

I personally would like to see the next Speaker not be another squishy Republican swamp thing who eagerly does the bidding of the left (see Cryin’ John Boehner for an example of that) or a #NeverTrump lump (Eddie Munster Paul RINO Ryan). I’d like to see a Speaker who will proudly stand WITH My President Trump to help see the agenda of putting America, her people, and her interests FIRST rather than compromising our safety, security, and freedoms to appease hostiles and foreigners. Does such a person really and truly exist in the House of Representatives? I sure hope so, but if we can’t find a good ‘un there, then I have a few suggestions from outside the already seated (and no, not Kanye):

Mr. Pinko from the iOTWReport blog would be a great speaker, if he were willing to shed his anonymity; he has a delightful New York accent, and calls it as he sees it, just like My Donald, and more importantly, he is fully on board with the MAGA agenda. If you are not familiar with this great man, then you can become so by checking out his radio show on Spreaker and Blog Talk Radio, The U.S. and Eh? Show, co-hosted by Mike Nordstrom (who is in Canada). One more thing, Mr. Pinko is funny, and I think we could all use some laughs.

Clint Eastwood would be nice to see up there, scaring the bejesus out of the lefties, and don’t tell me he is too old, because Nancy Pelosi and a LOT of crazy fossils like her are still “working” in Congress.

Ted Nugent, just to watch people’s heads explode over it!

Really, just give me someone who doesn’t think that invading the United States is an “act of love” or that a fanatical cult whose manifesto explicitly demands that its members murder or enslave the rest of us is a “religion of peace”, and I would be open to what they have to say.

Who would you like to see as the next Speaker? Would YOU want the job?


MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at MareZilla.com. She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals. 

Photo courtesy of history.com

As The Washington Post’s Saigon bureau chief Peter Braestrup documented in his book The Big Story, reporters systematically used Tet to turn the reality of a U.S. victory into an image of American and South Vietnamese defeat…That campaign of misrepresentation culminated in Walter Cronkite’s half-hour TV special on February 27, 1968, when he told his viewers that Tet had proved that America was “mired in a stalemate.”

Christopher Harper Fake News and Vietnam 2/13/18

In my last post I noted that there are significant differences between the events leading up to the “Big Red Wave” of 2010 and the supposed big blue wave of 2018 the most significant being that despite broken promises on Obamacare repeal, partially corrected by the passage of the Trump Tax bill, there is actually a record of significant achieve on foreign policy, on deregulation and of course on the economic outlook of the country.

Given those facts on the ground one would think that the outlook for the GOP would be pretty good but the MSM has been relentless in their attacks on the administration and the downplaying of their accomplishments focusing instead on Porn stars and the Mueller investigation and while the polling suggests that the public isn’t interested in stuff like Stormy Daniels and twelve year old consensual affairs the dirty little secret is the public aren’t the target of the MSM offensive.

The audience the MSM is trying to reach are the republican members of congress and the GOP consultants in the Washington bubble.

You see it doesn’t matter how the economy is doing, how much more the GOP is raising or how much better the public is doing, as long as the MSM aided by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, can convince the GOP members of congress that defeat in the fall is inevitable and that Trump is the cause, they can cause them (the GOP) to retreat.

It’s Tet all over again, Cronkite and the MSM had an agenda and were the only game in town and thus were able to sell said agenda to the people. as Christopher Harper put it:

“After Tet, American media had assumed a new mission for itself: to shape the nation’s politics by crafting a single coherent narrative, even if it meant omitting certain relevant facts and promoting other false or misleading ones. standing — just as they had convinced them a year earlier that America’s major victory was actually a major defeat.”

Sound familiar?

It certainly does and their new mission is to reverse the results of the last election and step one is to convince the GOP that election 2018 is already lost and convince them to leave the field and given the GOP’s apparent fear of governing and fighting for the principles they supposedly espouse it’s not a surprise that so far the media and left are doing a pretty good job of selling them this reality.

The GOP needs a shot of courage and a meme to run on. Tomorrow we’ll provide the latter in the hopes of restoring the former.

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