Good Candidate for Mercy

by baldilocks From Allahpundit at Hot Air: Matthew Charles was convicted of drug and weapons charges in the mid-90s. He already had a record by the point so the feds argued that he was a “career offender.” He got 35 years — but was set free after 21 thanks to the Obama administration’s new guidelines … Continue reading Good Candidate for Mercy

Our Veteran Groups Are Dying

I'm lucky. This week, I'm at a Navy veteran's group to present a well deserved award to one of my Sailors. It's held in a nice hotel, and the group of veterans are great to hang out with. You'd think everything would be great. But there are problems, specifically one problem: I'm the youngest person … Continue reading Our Veteran Groups Are Dying

100 Word Fiction Challenge: Kung Fool: The Rescue

The Hostage gazed in wonder as he moved, goosing the first terrorist with his hand as he delivered a kick to his head while dodging the wild shots of the 2nd, blinded by silly string, who would never see the blow that fell him. The leader's cry of "Allāhu akba!" turned to shock as the … Continue reading 100 Word Fiction Challenge: Kung Fool: The Rescue