When I read this story:

NBC10 first received a tip that Amanda Richardson, a humanities teacher at the LINC High School on W. Erie Ave., was accused of accepting bribes from her students and giving them good grades in return. A spokesperson for the Philadelphia School District confirmed with NBC10 they were investigating the allegations.

“We are aware of the situation and once it was brought to our attention, we acted immediately,” the spokesperson wrote. “The teacher was promptly removed from the school and both the Inspector General and Philadelphia Police have been notified. The School District of Philadelphia is fully cooperating with the investigation.”

an obvious question came to mind.

I don’t claim to be familiar with the contracts that the Philadelphia teachers union has, nor do I have any idea what the size of Ms. Richardson’s credit card bill is, but it would seem to me that unless the student’s in her humanities classes are rich from running drugs and/or are her suppliers for drugs it seems unlikely that they would have anything valuable enough to bribe their teacher.

My times have changed.