Making a Break For It

by baldilocks It's tough to write much today especially since I don't feel like talking about Brett Kavanaugh -- President Trump's SCOTUS pick -- or the Left's nationwide and 20-month long temper tantrum over losing the 2016 presidential election. What I feel like talking about is escaping -- yes, from California, if only temporarily. In … Continue reading Making a Break For It

Sex and Journalism

The embattled reporter at The New York Times who had an intimate relationship with a top Senate staffer was one of my students. After a quick rise through the ranks of journalism, Ali Watkins was demoted last week for having the affair. I didn’t know her well, but she struck me as energetic and intelligent, … Continue reading Sex and Journalism

Britannia’s New Baby Balloon Precedent

There is one aspect of the "Trump Baby" balloon business that the British government in general and Mayor Kahn in particular is missing and/or ignoring. One of the things about a foreign leaders ANY foreign leaders, is there is invariably a group of people who are angry with them. Maybe they are oppressive at home, … Continue reading Britannia’s New Baby Balloon Precedent