The right to protest is one of our most important God-given natural rights.   It is enshrined in the right to assemble and the right to petition clauses of the First Amendment.  We have the right to protest for whatever reasons or causes we wish to.  There is only limitation placed on anyone who wishes to protest.  Just as it is stated in the First Amendment, all protesting must be peaceable.   Violence, destruction of property, shutting down roads, mobs using their voices to silence others, and harassing individuals are not peaceable, therefore, they are not valid forms of protest.

So many on the political left have become unhinged, they have abandoned civil discourse and peaceful protesting and replaced it with mob violence and harassment of anyone that either works for or supports President Trump.  This is not just my opinion.  I see articles chronicling this despicable behavior on a daily basis.  Here is how Breitbart News described the current state of progressive political behavior in the article: Left-Wing Hate ‘Rap Sheet’ Reaches 300 Incidents of Violence, Harassment.

Ever since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president, the American left has responded with unhinged vitriol, violent fantasies, and mob attacks — targeting Trump and anyone associated with him. The worst part of this climate of hate is that establishment media — the professionals, the respectable guardians of truth — are purposely fanning the flames.

Like all of our rights, we are free to exercise our right to protest, as we wish, as long as we do not hurt others, or interfere with the rights of others.  Violence against people or their property most definitely is not a valid form of protest, for very obvious reasons.  I know all of us clearly remember the riots that occurred the day of President Trump’s inauguration and the riots that occurred at Berkley in response to Milo speaking there.  Did the mainstream media ever condemn their actions or did they celebrate them as noble protesters?

Everyone has a right to be out in public and enjoy eating at restaurants, free of people getting in their faces and harassing them, no matter who they are, or who they work for.  Individuals harassing others are not protesters, they are thugs.

It was all the rage to shut down roads and block interstates as a form of “protest.”  Blocking roads interferes with the right of everyone to come and go as they please.  It also created very unsafe conditions, especially when highways were blocked.  At least one death was reported when an ambulance was prevented from reaching a hospital in a timely fashion.  The media still insists on labeling these occurrences as protests.  What do they accomplish other than pissing off a lot of people?

A large group of people surrounding an event where individuals are speaking, for the purpose of shutting down the event, and prevent those individuals from speaking, is in no way a protest.  That form of behavior violates the free speech of the speakers and it violates the right of the audience to listen to who, or what, they want to listen to.

There was not one single instance of a tea party rally turning into a riot, tea partiers committing violence, members of the tea party harassing others, or tea partiers silencing others; yet the media absolutely vilified the entire tea party movement.  The media labeled the entire tea party movement racist even though there was no valid evidence supporting those baseless accusations. The media now looks the other way when it comes to left wing violence committed by so called protesters, and praises their bad behavior.

There is a very simple way to show that the entire “living constitution” business for what it is, basically the use of the judiciary to impose laws that the left could never pass and that’s to apply that same principle to other contracts.

Ask yourself:

How you would react if your landlord suddenly decided you had a “living lease” and increased your rent or denied you services accordingly?

How would you react if your insurance company decided you had a “living policy” and redefined “fire” or “theft” or “accident” to deny your claim?

How would you react if your bank decided you had a “living mortgage” and suddenly increased your interest rate or a “living credit card” and unilaterally decided you have to make biweekly rather than monthly payments?

How would you react if your college professor decided you had a “living grade scale” and suddenly your work was no longer passing?

How would you react if you employer decided you had a “living contract” and suddenly you had to work an additional 10 hours a week to qualify for benefits or the definition of “overtime” was suddenly gone?

How would you react if the restaurant you dined in had a “living menu” and redefined what “medium” or “well done” was?

How would you react if your contractors had a “living estimate” and suddenly without notice raised the prices of services or parts without notice or deemed a toilet installed if it wasn’t connected?

How would you react if the IRS decided it had a “living tax code” and you found your refund non-existent because deductions and credits you took when you filled it out were redefined?

The US Constitution is a contract, it is a contract between the states voted on by the states.  It says what it says.  If you don’t like what it says, there are explicit ways to edit it which can be pursued, and if you don’t like the edits you make there are ways to remove those edits (see 18th and 21st amendments).  A “living constitution” is a tyranny of the judiciary which is why the left likes it so much, but they should be wary, because if there is one thing the Trump era has taught the right it’s that the tactics of the left are very effective when used against them.

Or to quote Stephen Green:  “Never agitate for a government power you wouldn’t trust your political opponents to wield — because someday they will.”