When I saw the Story about Stormy Daniels arrest in Ohio and read the particulars

The report says that when the officers approached the stage, Daniels held the face of the female officer between her breasts. It also says she did the same to a male officer. The report adds that Daniels fondled the buttocks and breasts of another officer.”

It struck me that it sounded very familiar.

With her on it, it’s the center of the room. People start to walk up to it. I walk up to it, $7 in hand from the bottom of my bag. “Material Girl” plays. I genuinely don’t know what I think will happen.

When I hesitate, Stormy takes over, laying my face against her breast, which feels like bouncing into the wall of a marshmallow moonbounce. She whispers in my ear. She kisses me good night. She lets me give her my money.

That’s from a story called: My Night with Stormy Daniels by Amanda Whitting at the Washingtonian. There were other accounts like this one at Reason:

Hey, Big Spender” starts to play and Daniels sashays out from the back in a shimmery pink number that recalls Marilyn Monroe’s Gentleman Prefer Blondes attire. She does a lap around the place first, making people’s acquaintance—Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer was among those who were grabbed and welcomed to her bosom—and vamping it up. At a front-row table where a nice man has offered me a seat, Daniels presses his head to her chest and then pushes it back, propping up her leg and holding up her garter. He is fumbling to find his money, and I so beat him to it, slipping a few dollars into her garter belt first. She plays it up, giving the man disapproving look until he gleefully flings a fistful of dollars at her.

But the bottom line to these stories is that what Ms. Daniels did it Ohio, wasn’t all that different that what she had been doing in DC a few days earlier. That is practicing her trade.

However because the laws concerning what a stripper can do with a “customer” are different in Ohio than DC She was subject to arrest.

It’s something that gun owners around the country can relate to.

Because of draconian gun laws, particularly in states like NY, New Jersey Ct and places like DC people who are exercising their 2nd amendment rights to self defense by owning a gun can find themselves in big trouble when they travel and unlike Ms. Daniels they are unlikely to find charges dropped the very next day.

This doesn’t have to be, Congress has a bill before it, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. If passed it would protect legal gun owners and folks with concealed carry permits who travel from having a national constitutional right twisted against them.

I would think in an election year this would be a bigger winner for the GOP than Stormy Daniels has been for the left, but it remains to be seen if they agree. I’d also think it would be a lot of fun to see red state senators running for re-election have to vote on such a bill.

But until that happens I guess Stormy Daniels ability to exercise her Constitutional rights across state lines will remain greater than the rights of ordinary Americans without the celebrity she enjoys.

Closing thought: I’m not a fan of laws being selectively enforced. If Ohioans don’t like this law it should be repealed, if they do it should be enforced no matter how famous or infamous the person violating it is.