What is the Most Important Virtue for an Activist?

Writing for Pete’s blog allows me the opportunity to speak to a nationwide and perhaps international audience. While it’s not uncommon for me to have a choir to preach to, I feel I have to up my game a little and speak not about local taxes issues or individual corrupt politicians or odious ordinances, but I have to speak to things that are of national merit. One thing I have learned and can share with you is that the virtue of courage is required for all effective political action.

Courage is a requirement for leadership, if you cannot stand up and motivate yourself to do what needs to be done even in the face of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, frankly it won’t get done. People respond to courage and courage is contagious. When they see you being courageous they instinctively want to be on the side of that person, they want to be courageous too. So courage is the most important of all political of all virtues in politics.

With courage being so important we must figure out how to grow our own courage and how to transmit it to other people, we must expand it in every possible way. It seems to me that courage is like a muscle the more you use it the more of it you gain. It also seems that courage is the opposite of bullying; if you develop a habit of bullying people you lose your courage. Using social media to confront politicians and policy makers with truths they would like to ignore grows your courage. Posting ad hominem attacks on anonymous trolls decreases your courage.

It is not enough to be courageous by yourself you must enlist others friends Neighbors in your courageous action because courage is action. Sometimes it’s easier to be courageous in a group often the opposite is true groups make cowards of us. The important thing is to surround yourself with courageous people.  I gain most of my courage from the patriotic members of the Worcester Tea Party.

Here’s a little exercise you can try, are you courageous enough to listen to someone you disagree with and not lose your patience with them? Are you courageous enough to go to a meeting supporting a proposition you oppose stand up and speak out against it in a room full of people that you know will despise you for that? These are things that take real courage and these are the things that need doing today more than ever.

Matt O’Brien
President: Worcester Tea Party

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