Karina Fabian of the Catholic Writers Guild or A Preview of Blogging Attractions

A group photo taken with a Priestly author at CMG 2018

It’s Saturday morning and I’m just finishing packing as I get ready for a 8 hour drive back to Massachusetts (with perhaps a slight detour on the way) at the end of the Catholic Marketing Network 2018 event.

I’ve recorded 35 episodes of a new weekly radio show with catholic authors that will be going into production at WQPH (the premiere date has not been set) and another 50-60 video interviews (I lost count) since Tuesday.  All of them will be blogged here over the next two months so that each subject will get a post as they deserve. We are starting this list with Catholic Sci-fi author Karina Fabian.

Normally authors go up in the order I interview them, but I decided to bump Karina’s interview to the top of the upload and blog list not only because Karina has a cool fedora but because she is a founder of the Catholic Writers Guild which she talks about in the interview. Most of the writers I interviewed and will post about are members. So since she elected to promote the guild and the good work it does for current and potential catholic authors rather than her own body of work (which every writer reading understand the necessarily of) I’m giving her the first spot not only in her honor, but as a proper introduction for all the guild members who will follow in subsequent posts.

That Karina is a beautiful woman is self evidence from the video, that she is an excellent writer is self evident from her books. That she is cool is self evident from her fedora, but that she embodies the servants heart of the catholic faith is showed by her desire to do what she can to advance others work over the chance to do her own.

A postscript. At mass that evening (there is daily mass every day at CMN and I confess while I made all the evening masses I slept through all the morning ones) I ended up sitting next to Karina. While I of course had my fedora off women are allowed to wear hats at mass but her black fedora was replaced by a red mass veil, which was once traditional among Catholic women pre-vatican 2 but has made a bit of a comeback. It was the first time I’d ever seen her without her hat for more that a brief moment and I asked her about it. This was her answer:

“When I wear my hat, it’s about me, when I wear the veil it’s about God”

THAT is what I call a Catholic woman!

PS Longtime readers might have noticed that unlike other trips I’ve only managed to upload 2 of said interviews so far.  For “The hardest working man in the blogosphere” this is practically dereliction of duty, however on this trip my wife joined me and she and the duties involved of being a good husband on such a trip has reintroduced me to the joys of dinner and sleep when the work day is done concepts previously unknown on such trips so I beg your indulgence as I wait till I get home to begin uploads en mass to Youtube.

Update: My wife remembered Karina’s quote correctly, fixed

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