Facts and the Media

The media want people to think that Donald Trump’s attacks on the press have been responsible for reporters being injured while covering news events.

Simply put, that’s just fake news.

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, which is frequently referenced in media reports, details attacks against media types. See https://pressfreedomtracker.us/physical-attack

The press apparently didn’t look very closely at the data.

In 2018, the data show that 31 incidents have occurred—nearly all of which had nothing to do with Trump. More important, leftists attacked journalists quite frequently, but that inconvenient truth goes unreported.

The worst incident occurred in Annapolis, Maryland, where a man armed with a shotgun killed five people at the Capital Gazette. The murders had to do with a longstanding complaint the killer had with the news organization.

Here are some examples of the left harming reporters:

–In an Antifa rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, two journalists were accosted by demonstrators on August 12.

–In March, a San Diego reporter and her photographer were attacked during an anti-Trump rally. Neither was seriously injured.

–A Texas reporter got smacked in the ear during a pro-immigration rally in Texas.

Several incidents occurred when journalists got too close to the action during demonstrations from the right and the left when cops pushed the reporters out of the way. One guy got hit with a water bottle and got a superficial head wound.

These journalists apparently hadn’t gotten much training into how to prepare to cover a demonstration. Note: You usually need to protect your head! It’s a bit more dangerous than riding your bike.

I found three incidents that could be loosely tied back to the president. That would be less than 10 percent of what I would consider a relatively small number of attacks on the press in the United States.

Here is the most serious incident:

–On May 22, 2018, security guards at the Environmental Protection Agency prevented a number of journalists from entering a building where EPA administrator Scott Pruitt was giving a speech. AP reporter Ellen Knickmeyer said that when she asked to speak with someone from the EPA’s press office about the denial of access, one of the security guards grabbed her shoulders and physically pushed her out of the building.

Seriously? That’s the most egregious example of Trump’s attacks on the press causing danger to reporters?

But there’s more.

On July 12, while sitting near the set of a pro-life movie filming in Washington, D.C., Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer had his notes stolen and then ripped apart.

“[A] man later identified by police as a member of the crew came over to where I was sitting in public space with a group of tourists and grabbed my notepad out of my hand by force,” Sommer wrote in an article about the incident.

Boo hoo!

I had to laugh at the third incident that could be loosely tied to the Trump administration.

Mediaite reporter Caleb Ecarma claimed he was shoved by former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka while attempting to interview him at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, on February 22.

That would be a conservative shoving a representative from an even more conservative publication, Mediaite, which most journalists do not consider a news organization.

Nevertheless, nearly 300 “news” organizations recently published editorials condemning President Trump for creating a dangerous atmosphere for the media.

Let me say it one more time with feeling: Fake news!