Hey Dems Buck Your Party and You Too can be John McCain

If there is one thing we can take from the media’s hagiography of John McCain in media throughout the entire week.  The importance of bucking your party.

Commentator after commentator, article after article, pundit after pundit all have all bragged about McCain’s “Maverick” status and have stated his willingness to buck his own party proves that he was a fine honorable man worth all the praise he is getting.

Well Democrats I guess that’s your cue.

Do you want to be respected, honored and considered in the same class as John McCain?  Well now you can be!

When the bill to make the tax cuts permanent comes up, put the economy of the country ahead of your party and vote to pass it.

When de-funding Planned Parenthood is again brought up for a vote, put the lives of thousands of children ahead of party and vote to pass it.

When funding for the wall comes forward put the lives of Americans and the rule of law first and vote for the funds.

And When well qualified judges come up for a vote, ignore the anger of the left and vote for and endorse them.

All of these things will make you a “Maverick” and thus ensure that the media will celebrate you as a person who is above party who is to be honored just like John McCain.

After all, it’s not as if the entire MSM celebration of Senator McCain in death is their final chance for him to serve as a useful idiot for the sake of advancing their narrative, is it?

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