Easy Yoke, Light Burden

by baldilocks

Today was one of those days when I didn’t know what I was going to write about until the last second. Then, “out of the blue,” God gave me something.

My deadline is always 400PM PST and I was a little panicky in my search for a topic, though the boss is very lenient about the deadline. Okay, he’s a lot lenient.

Nevertheless, I don’t like to take advantage of Peter’s easy-going nature.

Right in mid-search, someone knocks on my door. I’ll spare you my inner monologue in response. I get up to look through my door’s peephole and it’s my upstairs neighbor, Melinda — a very nice lady who never knocks on my door.

“Can you help me?” And before she tells me what she needs help with, I make my deadline excuse.

“Okay, she says, good-naturedly. She’s so nice about it that I feel bad.

“What do you need?”

“Can you help me take my groceries upstairs?”

That I could do. So, I come out into the foyer of the building and there are her two bags on the floor. I pick them up and they’re heavy, but not unsupportable. So, Melinda goes up the stairs in front of me carrying two bags also.

Melinda is a few years older than I am, but she is also more overweight than I am and can barely navigate the short one-flight stairway carrying two bags. But I had no problem whatsoever getting my two up the stairs. I just turned 57.

So, the points of this blurb is this: always help your neighbors, be thankful for your health and, most importantly, that God provides in mysterious ways if you let Him.

Thanks, God.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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