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Here’s something many don’t know about me: I am a big fan of natural cures. It’s recent development–last five years–and it was born of my aversion to prescription medications, of a theory that God has provided all the things in nature needed to maintain good health, and of the desire to save money.

Admittedly, I  appear to have inherited good health from my parents, and, therefore, have this luxury.

When I lived in homeless housing, I was one of the few persons who took no prescribed medications. (That has changed; my doctor prescribed Vitamin D, of which dark-skinned persons are often deficient.) Most residents took BP meds at minimum. I was one of the even fewer who didn’t self-medicate.

I’ve had good results from natural cures for the most part: lavender oil for insect bite relief and apple

cider vinegar for blood pressure regulation, pain relief and weight loss. And, though none of my blood relatives has diabetes, my doctor said that my bloodwork indicated than I am as far away from being diabetic as one can get! DNA plus ACV, I bet.

But here’s one you need to watch out for: eating garlic on an empty stomach.

Many studies show that eating garlic on an empty stomach makes it a powerful natural antibiotic. It’s more effective when you eat it before breakfast because bacteria is exposed and can’t defend themselves, thus succumbing to its power.

Oh, it helps all the other things listed which are applicable to me, but it also does this one thing.

It makes it feel as though an xenomorph is about to burst forth from my small intestine.

So, unless you’re trying to ward off an infection, eat something first. Fair warning.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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I’ve heard nothing but how great it was that Senator McCain reached across the aisle during his time as a Senator from 1987 until 2018. During this time I also heard he was a “maverick” and an “independent.” I remember him challenging George Bush in the primary and winning my home state.

But now when I look at his career, I’m a bit dismayed. McCain was in the Navy, and as a Senator he sat on the Armed Service Committee, so I figured the Navy would be in a better place after this time. Let’s take a look.

  • We have the Littoral Combat Ship, a light vessel that is less survivable than the frigates that it replaced. Somehow this crappy ship sailed through Congress, and then every Navy admiral in charge of PEO LMW or PEO LCS was somehow never fired or disciplined (despite requiring Senate confirmation). It’s expensive, doesn’t have enough weapons or crew members, and almost as big as a destroyer.
  • We have the F-35. Everyone loves to hate on the F-35, but again, somehow, every flag officer that ran the program was never fired, even though Congress controls their ultimate promotion, specifically the Senate. McCain loved the F-35, until it stopped benefiting his state. Again, McCain would rail on people at hearings, but did he actually do anything substantive about it? Nope. He even was mad when Trump threatened to cancel the program and demanded it get back on track.

In the mean time, our enemies have supersonic anti-ship missiles, ground based carrier killers, and have been pumping out newer and better destroyers, frigates and cruisers. Our industrial base (another Congress controlled item) has atrophied, and crappy defense acquisition process (again, controlled by Congress) continues to make buying anything difficult. Instead, McCain had time to support changes to military housing allowances that disproportionately hurt military women.

But Senator McCain was a fighter! He said it like it is! Just see the YouTube where he calls out the LCS!

It’s all a ruse. McCain was a jerk to people at hearings, and he did it solely for political gain. Watch him beat down on (then) VADM Rogers (start video at 41 minutes)! McCain potentially spills classified information and asks leading questions. I watched this live and was dismayed at his behavior.

Despite all his rudeness, he never actually made changes. Our acquisition program, which brought us LCS and F-35, remains largely unchanged. The admirals and generals that ran programs he was critical of continued to make rank, even though that required Senate approval. Compared to people like Carl Vinson, who built a two ocean Navy that enabled us to go from Pearl Harbor disaster to Midway in less than a year, Senator McCain’s record of actually doing anything useful for military readiness is lack-luster at best.

I admire CAPT McCain’s service in the Navy. He did what his country asked, and he didn’t seem to take advantage of his dad’s status. But as a Senator, I thought we would have a better Navy and a better acquisition process. Instead, we’re losing out to China and (increasingly) Russia. Not exactly something to celebrate.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

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Pseudolus: I know what it says, Words! And I’ll stand behind those words or my name isn’t Marcus Lycus
Hysterium: Pseudolus!
Pseudolus: Or my name isn’t Pseudolus Marcus Lycus!

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum 1966

Dear Barack Obama

Thank you so much for shattering ex-presidential tradition by making a very public campaign attack on the Donald Trump administration.

Your appearance, broadcast life on CNN and reported with almost orgasmic admiration by the media while at the same time more of the best economic numbers in my lifetime continue to roll out is precisely the thing we need to motivate the GOP base.

Given that the democrat base in already highly motivated and will undoubtedly turn out in 2018 the primary need for Democrats is to keep the GOP base home and comfortable, basking in the good economic news too busy working making money and enjoying the results of the Donald Trump economy to notice otherwise.

Your appearance is a stark reminder of not only the worst economic times in my lifetime but a great contrast to today. Moreover your emphasis on style without substance (Benghazi as a conspiracy theory?) is the perfect counterpart to our President whose style is occasionally not presidential but who delivers on substance and promises time and time again and will remind millions who liked their Doctor but couldn’t keep him just what the stakes are today.

So once again thank you for providing the video and images that will grace GOP ads around the nation. I would encourage you to continue to be the public face of Democrats and to spend every possible moment traveling to every swing district in play to repeat your performance.

Michael Graham called you the person who created more republicans than any other. May you continue to keep up this enviable record.


Pete DaTechGuy Ingemi
On behalf of conservative bloggers & voters everywhere

Update: accidentally deleted part of a sentence before posting, restored.