Street artist Sabo (WS)

by baldilocks

At the Weekly Standard, Matt Labash interviews Sabo, “America’s Preeminent Right-Wing Street Artist.”

In this most liberal of cities (where even unaffiliated voters outnumber registered Republicans) and out of these modest digs, Sabo runs a one-man torture emporium. His victims include everyone from lefty politicians and Big Tech overlords to smug celebrities who never cease to subject us to the hot blasts of their virtue-signaling.

When inspiration strikes, Sabo might hijack a billboard, as he did last year with one advertising the film The Greatest Showman. It featured the actress Zendaya on a trapeze, and Sabo added a smirking Al Franken behind her with his lechy come-hither hands outstretched. Or he might crank out cheeky T-shirts with the letters “DOU” next to a picture of Che’s face.

The fashionable hypocrisy of the left drives Sabo bonkers, which explains the “F— Tibet” sign in his living room. It’s not that he doesn’t feel for the Dalai Lama’s oppressed people. But he’ll see some L.A. fashionista in a Mao shirt hauling a Free Tibet tote bag, “And I’m like, ‘You realize the reason Tibet needs to be freed is because of the f—ing Communists?’ These are the idiots I have to deal with.” No Third Way-ist, Sabo calls leftism a “mental disorder.” But whatever his stunt, he has been earning national headlines of late. Not too shabby for a lone street artist with a surly streak and a copy of Photoshop.

It’s a great read, but you might want to skip it if you have PC eyeballs. Sabo has had a tough life and is no polished pundit. Thank God for that last part.

And, yes, that most liberal of cities that Labash mentions is my Los Angeles. I haven’t been able to see any of Sabo’s work up close because I’m always a day late and a dollar short when Sabo presents his work on, say, the outside of a bus stop shelter on Hollywood Blvd. The work is quickly removed by the city.

A few months back, Sabo was banned from Twitter due to his witty and in-your-face offerings, so that should tell you how good and how on target he is.

This one — of Ted Cruz — is my favorite. Sabo created it for Cruz’s 2014 senate campaign and the senator received it well.

Here’s a link to Sabo’s website. I’m going to check and see if he gives his LA fans a head’s-up before he strikes again.

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I spoke to Author Mary Lou Rosen about her book: The Three Things Divorced Catholics Need to Know< at the 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in Lancaster PA

You can buy her book here

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The 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Interview Bloglist (so far)

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As the fall semester starts, I face the somewhat vexing problem of convincing many students that what they have learned is mostly wrong.

Unlike some of my colleagues, I try to keep my political views out of the classroom.

What I do, however, is point the class toward divergent points of view, such as conservative ones that they probably have never heard before.

In my media law class, for example, we talked about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, starting with term, “Borked.” It is somewhat ironic that Anthony Kennedy replaced Robert Bork as a nominee, and Cavanaugh will replace Kennedy.

Fortunately, the sound and the fury the Democrats mustered won’t stop Cavanaugh from getting to the prestigious bench. But I tired to tamp down the nonsense that the Democrats have put forward.

The class will analyze the role of a “free and responsible press”—something I hope they will take with them whether they go into journalism or not.

In my international reporting class, we discussed the role of immigration in American society—a topic the media and the Democrats have managed to muddle badly.

For example, I explained the various paths to temporary and permanent visas and the appropriate way to citizenship.

We analyzed the various immigrants who come to the United States and Philadelphia. I asked what is the largest group of immigrants coming to the city. The answer: China.

This week’s topic is terrorism. Unbeknownst to them will be what many conservatives know: the war on terrorism has been effective. Al-Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State are unable to mount any significant attacks against U.S. citizens and interests outside of the country.

I hope that the students will get some useful information from my years in the Middle East and China without the defeatist political slant they’ve heard elsewhere.

As always, it will be an interesting ride. It’s time to buckle up!

A few days ago I talked about two women I met in Atlanta that were working hard to make their dreams and/or business’ a success I have one more such story for you.

Last Friday was my final full day in Atlanta and as my wife and I didn’t have time go to the Coca Cola museum on Tuesday as we had planned (CNN took much longer than we expected) Vinnie, my wife and I found ourselves once again on MARTA on the way to Atlanta proper.

One of the great disadvantages of the cellphone age is that if you spend all your time looking down at the phone for fear of missing something on the net you can miss interesting people, things or events that happen around you that unlike the internet can’t just be brought up to view later.

Like Sekondi Landry

During our trip while Vinnie and I were gabbing away and DaWife was valiantly putting up with us a young man came onto the subway and stood by the front wall. He seemed no different than another other such young man we had seen except for the fact he didn’t have a wire coming out of his ear.

For 2018 that was a significant difference but a few seconds later he demonstrated what was really unique about himself when he reached into his bag and produced two drawings and placed them over the corner of a pair of advertisements on the train.

The first drawing on the right wasn’t bad at all but the drawing on the left I thought was really good and Vinnie agreed even going so far as to compare it to a certain one eared artist.

I was intrigued, and spoke to him. His name was Secondi he didn’t go to art school, in fact he was getting his GED but had been drawing since 10 and decided he was sick of the various ads he saw on the train and thought he’d put up some of his work.

I loved the idea as it contrasted from a graffiti artist who has to deface what already exists without permission. I pulled out my camera and talked to the young man and recorded a brief interview

So here was a nice little story about a young man He had a dream of being an artist, with a little of his work. a great little subway story to add to the site.

But the story wasn’t over

A few minutes later he switched out his drawings. The new on on the right was of a foot and sneaker and didn’t impress me, the one of the left however was, in my opinion at least as good as the first I admired and that’s when something extrodinary happened.

Another fellow came on the train, noticed the drawing and instantly took a liking to it and asked if he was interested in selling it. Sekondi was and out came the video camera.

Now I don’t know if Sekondi Landry will someday become a household word, or if his art will ever be famous or even if one of the many companies that put good graphic designers to use might someday snatch up Sekondi, or even if those who read this blog might disagree with my high opinion of his work but I do know this. On Sept 7th 2018 Sekondi Landry managed to prove that his artwork was good enough that someone coming on a subway presumably without the intention to locate or buy a drawing was impressed enough to pay cash for it.

That’s a real milestone that, no matter what the future holds can never be taken away and it’s a great American story.

Remember this signature, someday you might find it in a gallery near you.

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