I speak to Kare Saum (pronounced Psalm) of both Viva Guadalupe and the Catholic Marketing network at the end of the 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Trade show in Lancaster PA.

She worked very hard and deserves a bow

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If you are a conservative the words CNN invoke images of some of the worst that journalism has to offer with folks like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon or Brian Seltzer doing their best to help the station earn the Fake News title bestowed on them by the President.

That deplorable face of CNN (not as in the “deplorables”) is one thing that conservatives see every day at home which is why if you actually visit CNN as I did you will find several things there amusing.

First of all at this at the entrance you will laugh out loud

I didn’t have time to contact Lanny Davis for comment on that one.

The next funny thing you will see is in the food court with a large number of choices. Guess which one is the most popular:

Yes that EVIL chick-fil-a that CNN piled onto along with the rest of the MSM has lines that dwarf everyone else, and just to show it wasn’t a fluke I filmed them as we left too.

I’m reliability told that this is true six days a week unless there is a game at the arena next door at which time all of the food places share the wealth a bit.

I also found it interesting that at CNN the rest rooms are segregated by only two genders

Somebody call the diversity police on CNN

I can’t tell you how tempted I was to take a right rather than a left when I had to go knowing that if CNN prevented me it would be a story and a half.

If you had access beyond the regular tour that I did (more on that in a bit) You would have seen the elevators for employees which really had me laughing.

I mean it’s one thing to have promos for a show for public consumption but to put this on the elevators for internal use? That’s groveling hero worship on a grand scale.

But the funniest joke at CNN was an unintentional one. I went to the gift shop and immediately spotted an item that had me in hysterics

Now this is meant to promote a particular anchor but the idea of what appears to be an empty toupee seemed to me the perfect item for a broadcaster’s gift shop and when I pointed it out to one of the employees there she started cracking up hysterically.

That’s the comic face of CNN and it’s worth laugh at, but there is one more face of CNN that deserves attention by conservatives and unlike the other two it’s a face that deserves our respect.

Inside CNN hard at work

While a lot of the on air talent which leaves much to be desired the real heavy lifting is being done in rooms like this. People making sure that every single feed is running smooth, checking every single piece of audio and video that comes in, whether from an ad or a recorded piece to make sure that they meet CNN’s standards for video and sound quality.

it’s a never-ending job because if something gets on the air below par, even if it comes from an advertiser they have an excuse to delay or refuse payment.

And that’s just the stuff before it goes on you also have live direction going in the control room where the directors have to be ready to jump to whichever camera at an event provides the view most likely to keep the eyeballs where they are

Ready to move when the news does

And things being what they are today this was inevatable

To be fair CNN would not be doing their job if they didn’t keep an eye on President Trump’s twitter feed.

What the bottom line? This is a third face of CNN that is not seen by the public

There are an awful lot of really talented people (of various political beliefs) who keep the quality of the audio and video that goes on the air over multiple networks is of a quality that sets the standard for the rest of the world. They are the third and

Would that the on air talent did the same.

Those workers are the third and best face of CNN.

Two closing thoughts:

Seeing things from the control room as they happen you get some sympathy for the some of the on air talent. While in the room I watched a feed that wasn’t live as a woman was waiting to go back on, she was constantly checking her hair and makeup and staff was preening her to make sure she remained immaculate. That’s got to be stressful for a woman particularly in an age of hi-def TV and with the knowledge that there is always another woman younger and just as beautiful just waiting to take your seat if the slightest thing goes wrong. That’s got to be a source of incredible stress.

My guide told me that one of the things he missed about Ted Turner was the backdrop where these people behind the scenes were in the background of shots. If CNN was smart and wanted to build back their rep they would be well advised to return to those shots of the best face of CNN.