After trip plans

by baldilocks

Well the danger on the rocks is surely past 
Still I remain tied to the mast 
Could it be that I have found my home at last 
Home at last

— Steely Dan, “Home at Last.” Aja, W. Becker, D. Fagan. 1977.

Only hours ago, I returned to Los Angeles from my truncated Road Trip. I had to return early, due to some personal business in the next few days that requires my physical presence. My body and my car are only a little worse for the wear – all can be repaired – and my soul is a little better for the journey.

I saw some old friends from my days in the USAF and met with a number of online friends, some for the first time. But, mostly of course, I drove.

It wasn’t the first time I had made a long trip by car. CONUS movements during my military days were easiest done by car, in my opinion. But, of course, I was much younger and long-term sitting didn’t affect me like it does now. Even my ankles are saying unpleasant things to me.

Conversely, there is a lot more to do when driving in 2018 than in, say, 1982. Uninterrupted music, audiobooks, podcasts, just to name a few things, are all available to keep the lone driver alert.

The main thing I did, however, was talk to God. There’s something about the movement and the passing scenery – and the solitude — that makes a believing driver want to converse with his/her Maker. So, we got a lot of things said.

I plan to say more about the trip in various venues … while I soak my feet. Strange that my feet hurt and not my backside.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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Catholic Blogger Kathleen Billings

I speak to Catholic Author and Catholic Blogger Kathleen Billings about the Book Amazing Grace for Mothers at the 2018 Catholic Marketing Network in Lancaster PA

Her Own blog Seasons of the Heart and Home is here. She also writes for Catholic

You can buy Amazing Grace for Mothers Here.

I saved Kathleen’s story for last among the non-priest authors because I found her in a place full of absolutely amazing people the most amazing of all. She is clearly still affected by her young son’s sudden unexpected death and the grief is visible within her but at the same time her love of Christ and of life is also clearly visible and shines though at the same time.

I dream of having a faith and a joy as strong as her’s

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Over the past two weeks, I have seen first-hand how academia continues to slide into the leftist abyss.

A panel discussion on 9/11 and a debate about Brett Kavanaugh underlined how the ivory tower can negatively affect young minds.

The Department of Journalism at Temple University organized the session on 9/11, which was attended by about 100 people. I initially agreed to participate in the panel because of my longtime experience as a reporter in the Middle East. But I relinquished my role when one of my colleagues objected to “three white men” as the only members of the group.

That’s academic logic. Expertise doesn’t matter; only diversity does except when it comes to diversity of opinion. Here is a report on the panel:

The panelists also made the following points:

–More people died in the Puerto Rican hurricane than on 9/11, so there was no significant reason to commemorate the events surrounding the attack on the World Trade Center.
–The United States had slipped into “tribalism” because Islamophobia was rampant.
–Bush was bad; Trump is worse.

I have heard a lot of silliness in my time in the academy, but this group was near the top of the pops.

During the question-and-answer part of the program, I couldn’t resist trying to bring some balance to the discussion.

Evil people want to do bad things to the United States, I said. They’re planning them right now. Fortunately, security officials and the U.S. military had stopped most of the bad people from doing bad things.

Let me underline an important fact here. These are journalism professors who are supposed to be teaching future reporters about accuracy and facts. If the teachers believe this hokum, just imagine what they pass on to their students.

At least one student thanked me later for my comments. She intended to join the military upon graduation. At least I had touched one soul that day.

But there’s more. In my media law class, I initiated a discussion about the accusations against Judge Kavanaugh.

For the vast majority of the students, it didn’t make any difference that the alleged incident may have occurred 35 years ago. It didn’t make any difference that the alleged incident happened when both were teenagers. It didn’t make any difference that the accuser couldn’t remember basic details. It didn’t make any difference that the accusations might be politically motivated.

Simply put, in most of my students’ eyes, Kavanaugh is a bad guy.

It’s tough being a conservative in academia, but I’ll continue to fight the good fight!

Helen: Kane will be a dead man in half an hour and nobody’s gonna do anything about it. And when he dies, this town dies too. I can feel it.

Woman in Church: I can’t listen to anymore of this. What’s the matter with you people? Don’t you remember when a decent women couldn’t walk down the street in broad daylight? Don’t you remember when this wasn’t a fit place to bring up a child? How can you sit here and talk and talk like this?

High Noon 1952

Of all of the virtues that a person can have the primary one is courage, because without that virtue of courage no other virtue will endure and a great sign of courage is the willingness to stand tall.

Judge Kavanaugh could have pulled out, history shows that if he had the left would have left him alone in the DC Circuit.  He would still make important decisions and arguments that would be presented to the Supreme Court.  He and his children would still have a comfortable life.

But that easy way out is not for a man of courage and Judge Kavanaugh has courage:

There is now a frenzy to come up with something—anything—that will block this process and a vote on my confirmation from occurring. These are smears, pure and simple. And they debase our public discourse. But they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country,” Kavanaugh wrote. “Such grotesque and obvious character assassination — if allowed to succeed — will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service. As I told the Committee during my hearing, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. That is the kind of judge I will always be.  I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process   The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out.  The vile threats of violence will not drive me out.  The last minute character assassination will not drive me out”

A lesser man would have cut and run, and plenty of Senators, like the people in the courtroom scene in High Noon would have been very happy if he did, both red state Democrats who will have to campaign on defending or denouncing these two bit smears which will anger voters they need to win, and GOP rinos who fear the left and media.  They would have been happy if Kavanaugh would just go away.

I suspect he won’t because he recognizes the left’s tactics for what they are.  It’s what I saw in 2016

This is about tricking you into letting go of your one chance to stop your own destruction.  They want you to lose your nerve. Furthermore they want the GOP to lose their nerve and the press will do all they can do enable it.

and it’s what some folks like Rod Dreher are only now grasping:

The left will stop at nothing to destroy this man. Three years ago, a friend who defected in the 1960s from Hungary told me that he and his wife, also a defector, are observing that our public culture reminds them more and more of Hungary at the advent of communism. I asked him to explain what he meant. He told me that the ideologically-driven eagerness to destroy people that the Left identifies as its enemies is the essence of it. He said that they will say anything they need to say, even if it’s untrue, to professionally and personally destroy people.

I wondered in 2015, when he told me that, if he was exaggerating. I don’t doubt it at all now. Not after this.

These people must be fought and Kavanaugh is making this fight not only for the sake of the next judge in line, but is taking it for the sake of a lot of people and for the sake of every woman who has a son.  Dreher again:

Tonight I had a business call with someone who lives in one of the bluest parts of America. She mentioned that this Kavanaugh business terrifies her for her sons. The idea that a man could be destroyed because of these accusations infuriates her and makes her afraid. I think that many on the Left are not thinking about the fact that women have daughters, yes, but they also have sons, brothers, and husbands.

He understands if these people aren’t fought bravely in the court of public opinion it will eventually reach the point where they have to be fought with firearms.  Judge Kavanaugh isn’t just saving his name or the hide of the next judge.  He’s saving lives.  I’ll give the last word to John Wayne in Big Jake (1971)

I hate secrets, never knew one to be kept They’ve all heard what’s in that red box, and they all want it. what we’re doin’ by this audacious display is tellin’ ’em they can’t have it. Hell, we may be savin’ some poor miscreant soul’s life by doing this. Maybe even our own.