The Ivory Tower and Truth

Over the past two weeks, I have seen first-hand how academia continues to slide into the leftist abyss.

A panel discussion on 9/11 and a debate about Brett Kavanaugh underlined how the ivory tower can negatively affect young minds.

The Department of Journalism at Temple University organized the session on 9/11, which was attended by about 100 people. I initially agreed to participate in the panel because of my longtime experience as a reporter in the Middle East. But I relinquished my role when one of my colleagues objected to “three white men” as the only members of the group.

That’s academic logic. Expertise doesn’t matter; only diversity does except when it comes to diversity of opinion. Here is a report on the panel:

The panelists also made the following points:

–More people died in the Puerto Rican hurricane than on 9/11, so there was no significant reason to commemorate the events surrounding the attack on the World Trade Center.
–The United States had slipped into “tribalism” because Islamophobia was rampant.
–Bush was bad; Trump is worse.

I have heard a lot of silliness in my time in the academy, but this group was near the top of the pops.

During the question-and-answer part of the program, I couldn’t resist trying to bring some balance to the discussion.

Evil people want to do bad things to the United States, I said. They’re planning them right now. Fortunately, security officials and the U.S. military had stopped most of the bad people from doing bad things.

Let me underline an important fact here. These are journalism professors who are supposed to be teaching future reporters about accuracy and facts. If the teachers believe this hokum, just imagine what they pass on to their students.

At least one student thanked me later for my comments. She intended to join the military upon graduation. At least I had touched one soul that day.

But there’s more. In my media law class, I initiated a discussion about the accusations against Judge Kavanaugh.

For the vast majority of the students, it didn’t make any difference that the alleged incident may have occurred 35 years ago. It didn’t make any difference that the alleged incident happened when both were teenagers. It didn’t make any difference that the accuser couldn’t remember basic details. It didn’t make any difference that the accusations might be politically motivated.

Simply put, in most of my students’ eyes, Kavanaugh is a bad guy.

It’s tough being a conservative in academia, but I’ll continue to fight the good fight!