Johnny Appleseed Interviews Geoff Diehl for Senate Elmer Eubanks Archabald for State Rep

Elmer Eubanks Archabald candidate Fitchburg district
There was a lot going on at the Johnny Appleseed festival last week including some politics. After all what would a local festival be if candidates didn’t turn up. I had a chance to talk to two of them.

Geoff Diehl won the GOP primary and will be facing Elizabeth Warren in the fall.

Diehl was also co-chair of the Trump campaign and it will be interesting to see what going all in for Trump does in Massachusetts. He’s an unabashed conservative and isn’t shy about saying so. Moreover he remembers 2010 when he ran and won in the big red wave of 2010 (a year when Charlie Baker did not btw)

You can find out more about his campaign here.

Meanwhile in our local Fitchburg district we have a person new to politicts running for state rep Elmer Eubanks Archabald

Elmer is a hispanic immigrant from Central America and is an economics professor who actually lived under socialism and knows it for what it is. Therefore he is thee Democrat left’s worst nightmare.

his campaign site is here.