The Leftism or The Lunacy?

Which Came First?

by baldilocks

Basically, I’ve got nothing.

I’m still feeling a little wistful and reflective after my road trip, so I’m simply going to share an excerpt from article I found interesting. (You may notice that we do that around here sometimes. The boss is lenient.)

I’m looking for something to write about that does not have the names Trump, Kavanaugh, or Ford in the headline.

Still looking …

Oh look! There’s a Georgetown professor who, on Twitter, overtly expressed her murdering psychopath fantasies against white men.

(This Tweet is in relation to you-know-who.)

Her account was finally suspended — after the Twitter powers-that-be refused to do it at first.

Twitter is, of course, chock full o’ nuts, but this woman is special.

Fair is a special case.  It turns out she’s engaged in numerous crazy stunts, and Georgetown University, that bastion of self-declared “civility,” just keeps on letting her keep on – almost like a protection racket, eh, Jesuits?

Here is a small, far from comprehensive rundown of her other instances of demonstrating…Georgetown values:

*In December 2016, she had a month-long meltdown against a Muslim colleague who voted for President Trump, harassing her colleague with epithets such as “clueless dolt,” “fame mongering clown show,” and “wretch,” arguing that her vote helped normalize Nazis.  The Daily Caller report notes that it was loaded with four-letter intensifiers.  The Muslim colleague complained that it was harassment.

*In January 2017, she published a blog titled “S— Men Say” that MRCTV reported was a platform for doxxing political opponents, with 80 instances counted.  MRCTV also reports that she went to great ends to get them publicized, using Google, Tumblr, and Twitter as platforms.

*In January 2018, she was caught in a Frankfurt airport berating the German police as Nazis, again, with considerable use of four-letter-word intensifiers.

*In October 2018, she launched a barrage of angry tweets at GOP senators, calling them “fragile snowflakes” and hollering about “white male privilege,” describing weird fantasies of their “manboobs’ going cancerous, as if cancer were something one jokes about.  She was unrepentant and has declared, even in some sort of piece, that “my profanity is sacred.”

Then there was this latest castration tweet, revealing a vile and violent mind.

And she teaching your children.

Honestly? I’m more worried about the quiet ones. You could probably make this blabbermouth cry with a stern look.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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