Round 1 51-49 Manchen Yes Murkowski No (Phil Bredesen Yes yeah right)

The primary vote on the Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court has just taken place.

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchen in the fight for his life to keep his seat voted “yes”.  “Independent” senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted “no”.

But the real story is out of Tennessee where former Democrat Senator Phil Bredesen put out a public statement saying that if he was in the Senate he would have voted “yes”.

“I believe a senator’s responsibility to ‘advise and consent’ is not a licence to indulge in partisanship but should focus on the qualifications of the nominee,  their ethics and their temperament…I was prepared to say ‘yes’ prior to Dr. Ford’s coming forward.  While subsequent events make it a much closer call, and I’m missing key information that a sitting senator has I’m still a ‘yes'”

Tennessee is a key state for Democrats, if they want any chance of taking the Senate they need a win there.  Bredesen was a popular governor and polls showed him ahead before the Kavanaugh stuff began.

Now anyone who actually believes that Bredesen means what he says here hasn’t been paying attention but the fact that in a key race a popular Democrat governor felt the need to publicly come out for Kavanaugh tell you that despite the media amplification of the paid protest show, this has energized the GOP base and as served as a notice to swing voters that it’s not safe to assume if you vote with the snake it won’t bite you.

The best part of all of it?  The Democrats have done all of this to themselves.

So now will come the final vote and as long as nobody changes their mind in a day it’s all over but the shouting, by Monday Kavanaugh will be sworn in and the Democrats will hope this all goes away…

…until the next time.

Two closing thoughts:

Senator Daniels a Yes vote on Kavanaugh, will be in Montana tomorrow to walk his daughter down the Aisle vote or no vote. Some on our side don’t like the idea of giving dems an extra day to attack and I certainly don’t trust the Dems to keep their word on an informal pairing but I say let’s not be like the Dems. We can wait an extra day, let her daughter have her father for her wedding.

Keep in mind that Kavanaugh is replacing a mostly conservative judge. If Ginsberg dies or retires before Trumps terms is up do not be surprised if Democrat and the media claim that said judge, regardless of who it is was the recipient of Hitler’s brain transplanted in a secret operation after it was preserved by an alt-right cult waiting for this moment and thus must be voted down.

That’s supposed to be a joke but these days nothign day do would surprise me.