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For fans of the Star Trek franchise, the Borg collective was one of the most terrifying villains: a machine collective that forcibly assimilated individuals and civilizations with the goal of achieving perfection — with perfection being the full integration of all knowledge, culture, etc., everything that is contained within individuals and within singular societies. A mixture of man [sic] and machine with a centralized consciousness.

And the complete obliteration of free will.

The Borg motto: Resistance is Futile.

Each individual becomes a part of the hive-mind and, therefore a drone. When a drone becomes defective, it is destroyed. One of the things which the Borg consider to be a defect is the disconnection from the hive-mind.

I was thinking of this concept earlier today when I posted this on Twitter and Facebook.

Collective guilt is part of leftist theology. Their god? Mankind made perfect by its own efforts — efforts which always include the extermination of the “imperfectible.” The “imperfectible” share a lone characteristic: their existence proves that leftist theology is a lie.

I received a little bit of push-back on this assertion from – you guessed it – an atheist [sic] leftist – who claimed that rightist were the same way, especially those who base their political beliefs on Judeo-Christian ideology. When I asked him to prove that rightists of any religion believe that humankind is perfectible through its own efforts, he tossed off an insult and left the “conversation.”

(Side note: that Christians have forcibly converted societies in the past is in direct violation of the rule book. And Jews have forcibly converted a group one once.)

It’s interesting that much of the villainy in science fiction – often conjured by public leftists — consists of violently coercive individuals, civilizations, and governments bent on improvement. And by interesting, I mean crazy.

We have been watching since Election Day 2016, as collectives attempt to overturn the results of that day and, to that effort, become more and more violent as non-leftists refuse to assimilate, especially one Donald J. Trump.

Today, in the wake of the confirmation of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, after a concerted effort by many individuals to smear his reputation, we will see more violence.

Many of these collectives call themselves – without irony — the Resistance. But what they really want is for you to not resist.

Good luck to the real-life Borg!

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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China will own your data and use it to manipulate you. They plan to do that for the whole world. The latest Bloomberg article showing Chinese insertion of spy chips into SuperMicro is just another step in their attempts to do this.

Plenty of people think this is a pipe dream and conspiracy theory, so let’s look at the history:

  • China has brutally “purified” its own Han-Chinese population. Throughout its red history from 1949 onward, it went through periods of allowing academic dissent, only to then crush it years later. Each of these cycles acted as a way to purify its population, weeding out dissenters and strengthening red power. Currently, they are going through yet another cycle. If you ever wondered why it was so advantageous for Chinese to study abroad, wonder no more: most Chinese students love the academic freedom provided in America, Britain and other universities.
  • China has also cracked down on religion. Muslims in the western provinces of China are being brutally oppressed and “reeducated.” When the US went into Afghanistan, our goal was to build a stable government that didn’t sponsor terrorism, so that we could eventually leave. China’s goal is to build a province of people loyal only to the Chinese Communist party, and they are accomplishing this with scary efficiency. If you’re Christian, don’t feel left out, because you’re next in line. China won’t stop until its population only celebrates the atheist religion of the Communist Party.

  • The freedom of thought dies behind the Great Firewall of China. In America, you are allowed to voice your opinions (however dumb they maybe). Heck, you can disagree with the President online. In China, disagreement brings you a lowered “social credit,” which may affect your ability to get loans, go to school, and get a job.

All of this is internal to China, so who cares right? We’re in blue America, where we can make disparaging comments about the President without any worries.

Not so fast. China’s not content to beat up their own people. Their tentacles are spreading.

  • China’s “Silk Road” initiative was never about helping other nations. The loans made to countries to build infrastructure were poorly designed, such that China would likely get control of what was built, whether it’s a port in Sri Lanka or a canal in Nicaragua.

  • The electronic infrastructure is even scarier. China has essentially built the cellular networks of multiple countries in Africa. When China controls how your people communicate, they exercise enormous power over your population.

The SuperMicro piece is just the latest effort to penetrate the US and other countries, spy on their citizens, and find new avenues to sow dissent. The United States and most European countries remain relatively free to allow their population to express their views, even when they contradict their own governments. This is a strength in that it lets diverse populations work together, but it can be a weakness if someone wants to turn the population against each other.

What will you see in the future?

  • Any country where China made loans for infrastructure will likely struggle to repay them. The Chinese will gladly take the infrastructure and use it to expand their military, social and economic base.
  • Expect to find more examples of Chinese influencing elections in Africa. Anywhere there is Chinese electronic infrastructure, don’t be surprised when anti-Chinese candidates lose out in social media contests.

  • Any company that does business in China will lose their intellectual property rights. Expect to see more companies invest in other areas of the world. Expect China to focus on penetrating those regions to steal more intellectual property.

  • China will actively try to turn Korea, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bhutan, Nepal and Mongolia into vassal states. Election and economic manipulation will occur regularly.

  • Chinese nationals living abroad will be subjected to a global information operations campaign by China, designed to bring them in line with Communist thinking.

  • Our domestic focus on a red wave or blue wave is silly when a massive Red Chinese tsunami is headed our way.

    This article represents the view of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

    Please continue to pray the Novena for Chinese Catholics!

    Anyone who has read this blog as our 10th anniversary knows that until the announcement of the new Doctor I was a fanatical Doctor Who fan.

    I watched the show, I watched the reruns. I watched the old episodes both alone and with my sons, I enjoyed the big finish audios and invested heavily in all of these things.

    I now don’t bother. I’ve watched the odd rerun on Amazon but I just don’t care anymore. I actually have big finish audios that I ordered before the new woke doctor was announced and I haven’t listened to them or opened them. In fact there was a four disk 8th doctor adventure featuring Alex Kingston as River Song that I was in the middle of, but it’s as if a switch was turned off. I just didn’t care anymore. I haven’t even charged my iPod anymore which contains 9 months worth of doctor who, that is, if you listened to it every day for 8 hours it would take you 9 months to hear them all. I used to listen to them every single day.

    Now as I said, I just don’t care, particularly now that what I’ve already predicted has come true that THIS Doctor isn’t going to have the eccentricities of previous doctors. After all this Doctor is a Woman so there can’t be any reason to laugh at, or mock or tease the character.

    I have predicted that this show is going to be a ratings train wreck, it will do good for one or two episodes out of curiosity but as the show continues to be about the SJW agenda and not science fiction, viewers whose primary desire is not to be preached to will fade away. I suspect we’ll reach the point where longtime fans long for the glory days of Colin Baker. Merchandising will fade and the show will go from a British institution to be yet another niche show for the feminist/gay agenda who will, in my opinion be the only ones left.

    I’ve also predicted that despite this the media will rave over it and the BBC, Baring Jodi Whitaker coming up with a credible excuse “forcing” her to drop the part will retain this Doctor for a 2nd season despite this because it’s unthinkable that the 1st woman doctor like the 1st black president be shown as a failure. (I also think that replacing Whitaker won’t be enough but that’s another post). I think the show will end up dying a slow and painful death.

    But the real question for me is this: How do I judge if these predictions are correct if I don’t watch the show?

    And if I watch and review the shows as I’ve done to all the others how will the fact that I don’t care about the show change my perspective?

    Bottom Line Doctor Who’s Premieres Soon and for the First Time Ever I Don’t Care so Do I Watch & Review? It’s up to You

    If I get 10 comments to this post requesting I watch and review then for the sake of those 10 I’ll watch the premiere and review it. If I get 10 such comments on that review then I’ll keep reviewing the now shrunk 10 show series (funny how they shrunk the number of episodes and added extra companions, almost as if they wanted to cut the Doctor’s air time as much as possible isn’t it?)er .

    It’s your call.