Help Right Glock Mom with Her Son’s Operation Tomorrow My Tip Jar Can Wait

Got this request from Harriett Baldwin a few min ago

referring me to this post at Weaselzippers

Her son is going into hip surgery on Tuesday. He will then be laid up and need care for about 6 weeks.

At the same time, a lot of other things have caused them to be in a financial crisis and they are in need of immediate help.

You can check out their story and GoFundMe here, which good son William put together.

He’s a good Conservative, raised well by his mom. And he actually voted for the first time in the primaries this year.

It’s hard for Sandy, who was the past president of the Junior League, always volunteering and looking out for others, to ask for help.

So if you are able to help out Sandy and William, they would greatly appreciate it.

Go and kick in, my tipjar can wait