Ten Truths Under My Fedora, Antifa, Election 2018, Trump and Doctor Who

Antifa is able to control the streets of Portland because the citizens of Portland are unwilling to stop them. They will continue to control the streets of Portland Oregon until the people are.

Now that the prospects of the “Blue Wave” are fading the media is suddenly noting aloud that to take the house the Democrats have to win in a majority of toss up districts that voted for Trump and this was true before the wins on Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and the economy.

The President’s move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the subsequent cutting off of funds to the PA have demonstrated that the only power Palestinian Terrorist ever had was the power we willingly gave them.

Donald Trump wisely figured out early that the formula to victory was defeat over the media, without the effective spin of the media normalizing radical leftist positions was exposed the days of effective media opposition is over.

While it’s Cathartic to rant about RINO republicans in blue states until we educate the people and elect solid conservatives at the local level it will be impossible to persuade enough of the general population of the benefits of conservatism to elect a true conservative.

Speaking of teaching the 1st rule that Conservatives in general need to realize and take to heart is the teaching never stops. The moment you stop teaching is the moment you begin to lose. It is no coincidence that the least experienced and most malleable youth are constantly the target of the left’s efforts.

The smartest move by the enemies of the US over the last half century has been making large investments in the US education system, 500 $100,000 gifts to US colleges to promote anti-american/western ideologies is far more effective than a $50 million dollar weapons system. People are much easier to buy.

It seems to me that the radicals in the Catholic Church have already lost but haven’t figured it out yet, Francis’ popularity has cratered and it is that popularity that enabled the radical’s agenda. I think you’ll see the collapse of their agenda within a decade, which for the church is blinding speed.

As I write this (11:08 AM Oct 9th) news of Nikki Haley’s resignation as UN Ambassador ( a job that she excelled in) has just broken. I predict that the MSM will spin it as a response to Trump’s remarks about Kavanaugh despite the fact it’s very common for various appointees to leave after a few years, particularly ones with national political ambitions.

Finally the 1st episode of the New “woke” Doctor Who premiered this weekend and for the 1st time ever I didn’t care or watch but my oldest and youngest did. The youngest started fast forwarding after 10 min then gave up declaring that what ever the show might have claimed it wasn’t Doctor Who. The oldest declared it a mediocre episode which given it was a regeneration episode makes it the worst of it’s kind since the Twin Dilemma, widely proclaimed as the worst episode of the series of all time And remember this is the episode they led with. Now the ratings were pretty high as I expected and the woke media fell all over themselves as I also expected, but lets see where the ratings are in 3 weeks or 5 weeks etc.