Red Sox Dodgers What a Game

It’s 2:39 as I type this, there are two outs in the bottom of the 15th and the Dodgers and Red Sox are still at it.

I was at a Carenet dinner this evening in Hollis NH and hoped to get home in time to see some of the game, DaWife and I stopped at Happy Jacks briefly and saw Jackie’ Bradley tie the game and decided to stay up to watch the end.

That was four hours ago.

I’ve got one maybe two innings left in me but no matter how this ends let me tell you this.

Games like this are why Baseball is the best sport there is period. You have to earn that win, you can’t run out the clock you have to get that lead and hold the other guy. Both guys teams get a shot.

This game has had everything, great pitching, incredible defense, heads up plays, boner plays and people playing hurt.

As I type this it’s now the 15th and the RedSox pitcher Eovaldi is batting for the 2nd time. The Redsox have no bench left and the Dodgers are running out of pitchers and players too

And remember this is game 3. While it’s an almost must win for the Dodgers both teams are playing like it’s game 7.

Baseball there’s nothing like it

Update: This game is now in the 18th. My site went down for 40 minutes and has come back up and the game is still going on.

Amazing stat