In less than a minute Chris Wallace nails the Washington Post on bias

By John Ruberry

The mainstream media regularly whines about President Donald Trump labeling them as “fake news.”

No president ever likes his coverage from the media. But since the media is dominated by left-wingers, Republicans don’t get as fair of a shake than Democrats.

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace in less than a minute showed exactly how the media packages stories to make Republicans look bad.

“I want to hold up again this front page, from yesterday, the Washington Post,” Wallace began, “because I’ve got to say, I was really shocked by it. I fully expected it to say, ‘Suspect arrested.’ Instead it said “Bomb suspect outspoken supporter of Donald Trump.”

The suspect of course is a man, who appears to be mentally unstable, who mailed a dozen bombs, none of which exploded, to prominent Democrats and CNN’s New York office.

Wallace, who is a fair journalist–and that’s a sad rarity–then added some perspective.

“And I went back and looked at the Post from last year after a Bernie Sanders supporter attacked a Republican baseball practice and severely wounded [Republican House Whip] Steve Scalise,” Wallace continued, “no headline there about ‘Outspoken supporter of Sanders.'”

That is how low the Washington Post has sunk.

Looking beyond the Post, I firmly believe that most political reporters, hey, make that reporters regardless of their beat, at major outlets such as MSNBC, the New York Times, and CNN, when they are assigned to a story, will wonder to themselves, “How can I use my account to make Trump look bad.” This is opinion masquerading as straight news. Trump repeatedly throws a penalty flag at these biased stories and so does an increasingly larger segment of the American population. The most recent poll I could find on this subject, a Gallup one from 2016, reported that public confidence in the media, was at an all time low.

The public that the mainstream media looks down on will have the last laugh. Newspapers, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and possibly the Washington Post, are doomed says Barack Obama’s pal, billionaire investor Warren Buffet.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.