Charlie Baker Can Thank Dean Tran for my Vote Tomorrow

Dean Tran Prolife card election 2018

Tuesday I am going to do something I’ve not done before, vote for Charlie Baker for Governor.

The 1st time he ran as a pro-abortion republican there was a 3rd party candidate that was explicitly pro-life who had a very outside chance of winning so naturally with a pro-life choice on the ballot I could not vote for Baker.

The 2nd time he ran again as a pro-abortion GOP member and even though he faced Martha Coakley I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the lever for him (metaphorically that is, as we use paper ballots in Fitchburg)

Now Governor Baker is running for re-election and has a record and it’s not a bad one, particularly on fiscal issues.  He’s stood up to the MBTA and provided rather competent management at the top, far superior to the previous administration.  If judged simply by that performance standard he has earned a 2nd term (That’s actually kind of Ironic because if you judge Donald Trump by that same standard you would come to that same conclusion and Baker is very vocal in his opposition to Trump.)

But then come the social issues, the support of abortion, the support of buffer zones etc.

These issues cut to the core for me, Killing babies is evil and suppressing the free speech of those would object to killing babies is wrong.  If there was a pro-life Democrat running against him that Democrat would have my vote for that reason.

But there is NOT such a candidate available so the question becomes “What standard do I use to decide if Charlie Baker deserves my vote?”

And that Standard is the Dean Tran Standard.

Dean Tran is my former city counselor a pro-life pro-2nd amendment Republican.  When he ran in a special election to fill a vacant State Senate seat Governor Baker campaigned for him:

As you might guess I’m very pleased to see this and it suggests that moves in the state committee notwithstanding he is willing to spend political capital to try to elect Republicans statewide, even social conservatives, after all the Governor of a state is a defacto leader of all the members of his party no matter where in that party a member is.

And with Baker’s help Tran did something significant in that election he won

 when I got home that night after midnight I was delighted to find out that Dean had won with 46% of the vote in the four way race to Chalifoux-Zephir’s 42% Freda picked up 10% of the vote (lower than I expected) and green candidate DiCalogero 1%. This gives the GOP its seventh seat out of forty in the Massachusetts senate and gets them half way toward the 14 seats needed to break the Democrat senate super majority.

Now I will grant you in terms of the composition of the Massachusetts senate it’s not going to make a huge difference this year.

But it seems to be that a Republican candidate,  and not just a republican but a Minority pro-life 2nd Amendment republican, flips a senate seat, and not just a senate seat but a seat that Democrats have held since 1992, to represent three cites (Fitchburg Leominster & Gardner) that all went for  Hillary in a state she won by over 27 points  might, just might, be a Tad newsworthy.

Now Tran is running for re-election and the Governor is behind him again, in fact the Lt. Governor campaigned with him at the Johnny Appleseed festival last month.

Lt. Gov Polito and Dean Tran at the 2018 Johnny Appleseed festival

As I said Governor Baker isn’t the type of Republican I’d like to see in the state house and Beacon Hill, but Dean Tran is and our best shot to change the culture of death in Massachusetts is getting folks like him elected if we can.

Or put simply Baker by supporting Tran is advancing the Pro-life cause in a way no Statewide Democrat would dare.

So for the sake of his support of Dean Tran and his efforts to see him re-elected, and because no credible pro-life opponent is available Charlie Baker will get my vote for Governor this year.

I understand it’s a small start, but small starts can grow into marvelous things, just like an unborn baby.